Cape Town: Golden Beaches and Bountiful Vineyards Capture People’s Hearts


Are you already making plans for an exotic holiday next year? What are the main destinations on your list? Today we recommend Cape Town as an amazing travel location for people interested in having fun on golden beaches and discover bountiful vineyards. No time to get bored there. Great fun and proper relaxation are key elements in this case. Let’s see more about what you can do when travelling to this African destination.

Cape Town: Perfect Location for Tourism

Cape Town is located in South Africa. It is the provincial capital of the area and the primary city in Western Cape. It is quite famous for the harbor it includes as well as the amazing natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region. You will also have the chance to explore other two landmarks there: Cape Point and Table Mountain.

Going to Cape Town for the holidays means discovering one of the most amazing multicultural cities in the entire world. It is the World Design Capital since 2014. This is also the year when it was categorized as the best place to visit worldwide by New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Why You Should Visit Cape Town

In case you have not yet made a decision, here is why you should definitely visit Cape Town next year. First of all, it is a popular international tourist destination. Second of all, it is located in the land of wildlife, South Africa. It features a good, calm climate and amazing natural settings to discover. It also has a well-developed infrastructure that will ensure you have a good time while being there as a tourist.

One of the best know natural features of Cape Town is Table Mountain. It forms the largest part of the overall Table Mountain National Park as well as a small end part of the City Bowl. You will definitely have a lot to discover there in terms of natural habitats. You can even aim to reach the top of the mountain there. This will be an experience that you will never forget. You can either go there walking or conquer the mountain by hiking.


The Cape Town Beaches

The Beaches in Cape Town are also great attractions for tourists. The great thing about this place is that it allows you to visit several beaches in the same day if you want to due to its unique geography. Each of these amazing beaches feature new atmosphere and settings to consider. You can go there if you are into beachside bars, nice swimming experiences or romantic spots for picnic at sunset. Everything you want you can do there.

Clifton Beaches are a good recommendation for tourists interested in sheltered sunbathing a well as sunset picnics. Not to mention the fact that you can socialize a lot because these beaches are always full of tourists from around the world.

Camps Bay is another great beach to consider in Cape Town. It ensures family fun for those travelling with children. It also offers you a nice experience through sunbathing options or just by having fun while playing beach volleyball with friends and why not, even strangers. Enjoying sunset cocktails is a must once you get there.

Llandudno is the perfect option for tourists interested in beach picnics, surfing and body boarding. You will be surprised to discover a lot of children there enjoying the sun and building sandcastles. This will definitely remind you of your own amazing childhood by the beach. It is one of the favorite beaches among locals as well. You can go there with your group of friends and just enjoy playing beach bats and Frisbee or surf away.

Cape Town Vineyards

On your way back to home, you can also stop in one of the most popular vineyard locations in Cape Town: Constantia Valley. Wine has made its own history in the region. There are eight award-winning wine estates there to visit as well. You will have the chance to understand its shared heritage around the world and be amazed by the breath-taking landscapes that seem to keep good wine well-hidden in secret places.

Do not hesitate to make your next trip unforgettable by choosing Cape Town as the new adventure location for things to do Riviera Nayarit.

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