Ajmer, One Of The Most Revered Holy Cities In India

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Summary: Without any second thoughts Ajmer is the ideal holiday destination for all. Replete of countless tourist attractions and good hotels in Ajmer, the city’s tourism is a must explore.


Body: Ajmer, a bustling chaotic especially because of the Muslim pilgrims who head to the city to visit the holy shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti, is certainly a destination for those who are looking for a religious break at a tranquil location. Housing one of the most venerated Muslims’ religious sites, Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti’s shrine known as the Dargah and many other Hindu temples, no doubt the religious facet of the city is one prime aspect of tourism in the city. Each year devotees flock to this little city in the counts of ten and thousands, making it one of the most visited destinations in the country.


Aptly located in the state of Rajasthan, the city is also widely known as the gateway to another supremely Hindu religious site and the former hippy hangout, Pushkar. As far as tourism in the city goes, it won’t take long for one to get done with exploring all the attractions of the city. Ideally a day or two, is sufficient enough for touring the city and everything from accommodation, splurge, travel, to touring can be done without making the wallets too loose, hence the city makes one fine option for budget holidays.


For an admirer of history and architecture, Ajmer offers plenty of rewarding opportunities to explore and get stunned. Several superb exhibits of early Muslim architectures dot the city. The Dargah itself is one fine visual delight to the onlookers. In addition, there are several beautiful Mughal structures within the Dargah precinct, the Shah Jahan’s Mosque being one among the best. It is a beautiful structure made up of white marble containing delicately carved trellis-work. Another must visit place in the city is the former royal residence of Emperor Akbar, which is now transformed into a fantastic museum consisting of a good collection of Mughal and Rajput belongings, armour, and fine sculptures.


For those who like to admire the combination of nature and men’s creativity, there is a beautiful artificial lake of Ana Sagar and a garden at the vicinity. These places belong to the most popular places to visit in Ajmer , and are quite popular among the tourists as well as locals for sightseeing, picnics, retreating, and meditation.


Another interesting activity that one can relish while exploring the enchanting regions of Ajmer is the camel ride. There is a 3 hours long excursion organized on every morning and evening, letting the tourists to best explore the city and its surroundings riding a camel. It is simply a must try as it is one cool way of understanding the city.

One thing about Ajmer tourism that one can be certain is that of a content stay at the finest hotels in Ajmer . There is no dearth of hotels in the city, making one pick the best hotel that suits all his needs and expectations. Hotel Star, Hotel Prithviraj, and Hotel Sobhraj some of the highly rated mid-range hotels in the city. In addition, those who seek luxury can select from the uber-luxurious hotels, such as Paradizzo Resort and Welcome Heritage Bijay Niwas Palace.


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