Dalhousie, one of the best Hill Stations in India for fun holidays


Summary: Being a major tourist destination in the nation, Dalhousie is a hot favorite among the travellers. It is a beautiful hill station, replete with several scenic places, ancient temples, welcoming locals, rich culture, and more. Simply visit the town in your next holiday and spend them relishing the best of nature, hospitality, and adventure.

Body: Dalhousie, better known as one of the most popular hill stations in India, is a pretty town located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is popular for its scenic hills and a number of adventure sports and activities like trekking, camping, mountaineering, cycling, and scenic walks. As a whole, the town is a best place to de-stress, enjoy good food, and spend some tranquil time while relishing the best of nature and genuine hospitality. The weather in the town round the year is wintry, so make sure if you are visiting the town, you carry the woolen cloths. Many consider summer as the best time for Dalhousie tour, and the peak tourism season is from May to September.

Dalhousie is situated on 5 everlasting hills, namely Potreyn, Kathalagh, Terah, Bhangora, and Bakrota. It is the gateway to the Chamba Hill state which in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Chamba in turn, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern India. It is a fine repository of ancient Hindu temples, culture, handicrafts, and art that were preserved under one of the longest running single dynasties in India. There are about 84 ancient temples in the region that date back to 7th-10th century AD.

Meanwhile, Dalhousie got named after Lord Dalhousie, who was a British Governor-General in India during British Raj. He made a major contribution in transforming the uncharted-unspoiled town into a popular summer resort for the homesick British bureaucrats and troops. The influence of the British can easily be seen everywhere; in the old and new structures, bungalows, churches, and the streets. The Victorian and the Scottish style architectures of the town are simply the major attraction pullers. Although they are a bit aged and weather-beaten, yet they haven’t lost their grandeur.

Nature blesses the town in abundance and sightseeing is perhaps the prime reason for one to visit the town. It is simply a bliss to the nature lovers, honeymoon goers, adventurers, and photographers. The town is known for its vast valleys and sky-reaching mountains. During winters the town receives snowfall, making the whole town capped by thick layer of wintry snow. The town houses some of the best world-class scenic spots and lookout points. Steep hills that are capped by dense virgin forests, sparkling water bodies, landscapes patched with greenery, beautiful meadows, and a rich and diverse species of flora and fauna complete the town. A couple of most popular places to visit in Dalhousie that are not to be missed at any cost include: Khajjiar, Alah Water Tank, Kala Tope Rest House, Kalatop wildlife reserve, Upper Bakrota, Dainkund Walk, Ganji Pahadi Walk, Subhash Chowk, Chamba. Out of these Ganji Pahadi, Dain Kund, and Upper Bakrota, are less popular making them perfect for tranquil long and pleasant walks.

Star gazing is one of the most popular activities in the town. The sky at night in the town is very clear; bringing along a binocular/telescope might be a good idea. In addition, the main market is full of action. There are a dozen of shops, public places, restaurants, and some good hotels in Dalhousie in the market area. G.P.O, Tibetan Handicraft Centre, and Tibetan Market are the hotspots of the town.

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