Exploring The Beauty, Beaches, And Cuisine Of Pondicherry


Pondicherry is one of the destinations frequently picked by the backpackers who are searching for a fun and undisturbed  vacation. It is a decent destination and full fascinating attractions of the old world, in addition to the well-known south Indian hospitality.

Also, popularly recognized by the name, Puducherry, Pondicherry is the authoritative seat of the Union region of Pondicherry. It is around 135 k.m. south of Chennai, and counts amongst the most popular places to visit in South India. A considerately long time has passed since the French left the spot, yet the locale still holds the way of life, dietary habits, religious practices, various old structures, tree-lined streets, and landmarks that the French abandoned. The Mediterranean style lodges, quiet life by the seashore, top notch hotels in Pondicherry, some old temples and churches, adorable little French bistros serving fine wine and steak, wonderful climate, and so forth, are all parts of the place’s well-spoken character. While you are here, use the opportunity to visit places like Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville City, Ousteri Lake, Botanical Garden, The French Quarter, Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the beautiful Promenade shoreline. One of the must-dos here is renting a bike for a day and relishing a joyride through the old quarters, peaceful streets, and the quaint French quarters. There are various outlets on M.G. Street and Mission Street that offer bikes on rental basis to the visitors. In the event that you are voyaging solo, it is an allure that you are expected to try.

While you are here, also take some time out and visit the widely popular Auroville City. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the place and visiting it is simply worth. It was established with the sole reason to shape a general town, which is past any nationality and governmental issues and invites individuals from distinctive parts of the globe. The place today is an image of human solidarity and change in cognizance, that helps in achieving the otherworldly and social needs of humankind.

With a pretty slow-paced life residing in the place, there is there’s not much to do, still the attractions that are available are sufficient enough for spending a perfect holiday, unwinding in the quaint streets. While there are a couple tourist spots in the region, the real fascination of the place are the distinctive water sports facilities. Scuba diving, water surfing, and scuba jumping are some of the most popular water sports amongst the tourists. You need not to be an expert to relish the facilities. Plus, courses are also available that charge a minimal fee.

Most of your time holidaying in the place is spent at the beaches. The place is home to a number of high-quality beaches, plus, the seashores are still not crowded, giving one plenty of time and space to relish quietude. It simply makes ideal for a perfect escapade from the busy and hectic schedule that is the general scene in the large cities.

With no sign of tourism stepping back, the place is doing its bit to lure and satisfy the travelers and sightseers to make their stay a memorable one. Different luxurious as well as budget-friendly lodgings in the place have sprung up, making the town a legitimate vacationer center point where individuals can come and appreciate an unwinding excursion. Book your flights on one of the popular air-carriers like IndiGo, Air India,Spicejet etc. and get going to the quaint place!

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