Tired of Same Old Travels? Try a Different Kind of Vacation


Vacations provide periods of unwinding, resting, as well as adventuring for everyone. If you go on vacations frequently, however, chances are that your travelling and sightseeing enthusiasm might dwindle. Luckily, there is a plethora of various activities out there to keep you focused and interested, as well as busy, while simultaneously enjoying a plethora of new surroundings and activities.


It is one thing to ride a bike across your well-known path, but it’s a completely different thing to venture into the unknown. In these instances, you bike becomes more than a means of exercise and travel – it turns into a companion of yours. Ideally, take your car to a desired destination, with your trusty bicycle strapped onto the roof and then take your bike wherever your trail might take you. Alternatively, drive to a bike rental spot and take your adventure from there, it is a fantastic way to travel light.

Biking is a great way to get to know the nature that surrounds us and explore, while getting to immensely beautiful spots, unreachable by car.


The beauty of a backpacking trip lies in the fact that you start off with absolutely nothing but a large backpack. This opens up a plethora of new possibilities for you, due to the fact that you basically don’t have anything that ties you to a specific spot. Hostels are the name of the game here, so be prepared for spending nights at cheap, non-luxurious spots. Another way to backpack is by couch surfing – you basically find someone offering this service online and you get to take care of the owner’s home charities, such as tending to pets, plants and housework in general – all this for little or no money.


Even though backpacking can be done almost virtually anywhere, some of the popular hotspots for this activity are laid out in Southern Africa, Western Europe, Southern Asia and Australia in general.

All you’ll need is some spare money, a tent, camping gear and it is highly advisable to have a satellite phone on you at all times, just to be safe.


Why not tackle learning a new trick on your vacation? Surfing is a fun, breathtaking, heartrate-inducing way of gliding across the water surface. If you do not have a surfing board already, just grab one from Natural Necessity and off you go! Hit the waves along the coastline of Australia’s great surfing spots, such as Jake’s Point in Kalbarri, The Bluff in Geraldton and Yardie Creek near Exmouth. These places also offer a great deal of surfing schools and courses. If you do not want to buy a board, however, you’re in luck, because most of the surfing hotspots offer surfboard rentals. Another amazing surfing location is the South-Western coast of Africa, as well as the western coastline of America.


If going on summer vacations is getting a little bit old to you, you can always bask in the beauty of a snow covered mountain. However, a winter vacation is just not the same without skiing. If you haven’t tackled learning this activity, every mountain resort has a ski school to offer. If you don’t own skiing equipment, there are plenty of places out there that rent out everything from skiing jackets to the very ski equipment you’ll need.

If you haven’t tried any of the mentioned vacation activities, make sure you consider it now. Of course, simply laying back and relaxing in the sun is always an option, but why not try to inject a little bit of an adventure spirit into your vacation life?

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