Alaska’s Aleutian Islands: Journeying worthy of romantic saga

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Are you ready to take a break into a memorable vacation? Planning for a romantic gateway place with a distinct, beautiful yet adventurous experience? Aleutian island can be a top option for consideration.

Bold and beautiful visit to the Alaska’s chain island of Aleutian, having more than 300 small volcanic islands can make an interesting spot to fall in love. With fifty-seven volcanoes to its credit, it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Spread across 6,821 sq.m, this land has the lowest population of less than ten thousand residents. Bordered by Bering Sea and Pacific Sea, many of its islands are inhabitant. However, it offers an exotic and breathtaking view of natural flora and fauna. The green land, towering mountains, unique vegetation, diverse culture, protected wildlife, deep volcanoes and surrounded beaches are just a sample of the whole experience.

In spite of its rough weather and unpredictable extreme climatic condition, it succeeds to attract tourist from across globe especially during mid-May to mid- September of the year. The obvious reason lies with the magnetic beauty and features it offers to the visitors. From its rich history to admirable ambiance, wild life to diverse cultural destination, peaking mountains to glossy glaciers, rain forests to landscape beauty, adventurous waterways to rough weather, great archaeological sites to monuments, this land has in store everything needed to refresh a memorable journey.

Feeling the cold waves of breeze, flying view of not so friendly Aleutian tern (bird), spotting blond foxes and stepping into the World War II bunkers, tunnels and WW-II national historic area and traveling through cruises across these islands will give you an unforgettable thrilled experience.

On the softer side, walking through the footbridge to reach city library, peeking into an old house built in 1897 named Sheila S B & B, photographing the color of its land, homes and people, having a local meal in Amelia’s restaurant, getting the history lessons refreshed from Museum of Aleutian and admiring its great archaeological collections, visiting the oldest cathedral in whole of Alaska – Russian orthodox cathedral of the holy ascension for a peaceful prayer and entering the bishops house is sure to bring a joy in your heart.

The various ports across Aleutian islands with Dutch port as its main, provides sight to great fishing ships with its heroic crews who venture into the rough sea on all seasons to catch their daily bread winning resource – fish. These ports are also a gateway to experience number of cruises.

Life for a tourist here is filled with adventure, fun and excitement. Simple local people from varied cultural roots, mouth-watering cuisines especially fish based dishes, and colorful ambiance is a welcome treat for any visitor. Whether you are single or not, these experiences are worth to make you fall in love and enjoy the romantic saga of journey of this land. If you wish to experience the life of this unique land, trip adviser can be one such useful guide you can check out.

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