What not to bring to a vacation and things to ignore during a holiday

What not to bring to a vacation and things to ignore during a holiday

Going for a holiday is something that most of us look forward to. But by force of habit or just because most of us are plain old worrywarts, we end up ruining our vacations but forgetting to ignore the very things that we were taking a break from. Packing the wrong items for a vacation can also distract you from the holiday experience. Here are a few things that you absolutely need to ignore and simply not bring along during a vacation.

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What not to bring to a vacation

  1. Too many shoes

Even if you’re on a month long vacation, you’re only going to need like three pairs of shoes max- a pair of flip flops for the beach, a pair of sports shoes for sightseeing and a pair of formal shoes in case you plan on dining at snooty restaurants during your stay. Anything more than this is a waste of space in your luggage.

  1. Too many clothes

Unless you have a serious sweating/BO problem, bringing a couple of t-shirts, a couple of jeans or cargo shorts, 2-3 bikinis or trunks and a dressy outfit is all you would require. If you need any more clothes, you can always buy them on location instead of bringing your entire wardrobe along with you.

  1. Laptops and tablets

The whole point of a vacation is to get away from your routine life. bringing your laptop or tablets would only make sure that you end up follow the same routine that were following at home only at a new location in a room that you paid for.

  1. Too much cash

Carrying cash during a holiday is like sporting a “mug me” sign over your head. If you have too much cash on you on a holiday, there is no way you would be able to stick to a budget.

Things to ignore when actually on a vacation

  1. Work

If you’re taking a vacation to get office work done, you better be putting it on the company’s expense account and charging overtime for it. PERIOD.

  1. Phone calls from work

The whole point of taking a vacation is to get away from work so ignoring office calls should be your number 1 priority during a vacation.

  1. The money you have already paid for the vacation

You’ve already paid for the vacation and the plane tickets. Bickering about it won’t bring any of it back. Even if the facilities aren’t as great as you thought, complaining won’t get you a refund so you should try to make the most of your vacation instead of worrying about the money you spent on it.

  1. Drug peddlers

Trying drugs during a vacation seems like an ideal way to get away from your usual self and your usual life. But as we know, failing to ignore these seemingly innocent temptations is what lands people in stinky foreign jails and in dodgy foreign hospitals.


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