How To Display Google Reviews On Shopify Store

In this digital world, reviews have more importance than before. According to a study, 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. How about you provide them with the reviews on your Shopify store? Sounds interesting, right?

How will it help – firstly, if you are providing reviews on your Shopify website, visitors don’t have to exit your screen, or else, there can be a case – people research about your reviews and end up buying your product from your competitor. Secondly, it increases your brand’s credibility and increases your brand’s reputation as your brand appears transparent in front of visitors.

It will be a crime that we talk about reviews and do not mention google reviews. As it accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide. One of the main reasons for this platform’s popularity is that it only allows its authentic users to post reviews. And that is why even businesses embed google reviews on their website with Google reviews Shopify App.

While Shopify provides you various apps that help you in embedding, we will be discussing 7 best apps in this blog. We have examined them based on features, price, and usage. So, without any further ado, let’s start it.

7 Best Google Review App for Shopify

  1. Social Feed App by Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the popular social media aggregator tools; it launched its Shopify app, which helps you to embed Google reviews on your website free of cost. Yes, you read that right; Tagembed provides a free account. Besides Google review, the app also allows you to integrate with 15+ other social media platforms.

Talking about the features, one of the most important and amazing features that it provides is customization. Using this feature, you can personalize your feed and make it pleasing to the viewer’s eyes. As it allows you to change the theme of the feed, background, banner, and more. All these measures help to increase the beauty of your website.

The app is easy to install and operate, within just 3 easy steps, you can embed Google reviews on your website. All you have to do is: Install the Shopify app -> Collect Google reviews using Tagembed -> Embed Google reviews on the website. And that’s it; with just 3 simple steps, you can own an interactive Shopify website that displays Google reviews and that too at budget-friendly prices.

  1. Google Reviews by Reputon

Google Reviews by Reputon understand the importance of Google review hence provides a dedicated Google widget for your Shopify store. You have 3 choices for your widget, which are :

Compact Badge, Review List, and Testimonials Carousals.

The app supports Google My Business Reviews and Google Merchant Reviews and does not require any coding knowledge or skill. You can run this app with ease as it is a coding-free app.

  1. Google reviews by Elfsight

Elfsight has been one of well renowned social media aggregators for a long time. It is continuing that same magic on Shopify by providing Google Review Shopify app. The app allows users to display Google reviews related to their business on their websites.

It provides full control on the embedded feed so that you can boast about excellent reviews about your brand on your business. Moreover, you can filter reviews and display only the best reviews, but be cautious while using these features, as not addressing negative reviews can also hamper your brand’s reputation. 

Also, the widget also provides a facility for website visitors to post their reviews using their Google account. Thus, it saves time for your customer, and you get to know how people are receiving your product.


This app is one of the most trusted on the platform. It allows the smooth embedding of google reviews on the website. In addition, it increases the on-site conversion rate by displaying customer feedback. 

It helps businesses in collecting more reviews, as it allows customers to post their opinions as well. In addition, there is no need to create an account or log in for the customer. Instead, their reviews are verified through the invitation process.

  1. Revit – Google Reviews

Adding a Google review on the website can help you build credibility for your brand and eventually helps to increase sales. Hence, you need to have a tool that is easy to integrate and implement, and this is where Revit- Google Reviews jumps in. The app does not require any coding and is simple to use.

  1. Google Reviews and Rating Badge

The app integrates with Google Customer Reviews. It collects and displays the reviews with the badge and assist in increasing the credibility of your business. The app is swift as it integrates with Google Review Program within minutes. Unfortunately, the app is not providing integration with Google Business Reviews for now. 


  1. Social Testimonial Slider by LJ Apps

To build customer confidence, you need to have social proofs and reviews that convert your visitors in your favor. You can attractively showcase your reviews by using a Social Testimonial slider. The app allows you to display reviews using different themes like  – Testimonial sliders, grids, and lists. 

Sliders are one of the most used themes, as it takes less space. So, you can display the details about your product and its review at the same time. Moreover, it is compatible with all kinds of media, so even if your customer is posting reviews using images and videos, the app will stream the same without any hassle. 


For any business, it is very important to win trust, and this is where Google Reviews jumps in for the rescue. As Google reviews is a trusted platform, people usually show faith in the platforms’ reviews. So by embedding these reviews on the website, you enhance credibility and increase your reputation, as it will show that your customers are open to criticism. 


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