Don’t Let Your Visibility Suffer Further


With the current haze situation in Malaysia, it has become extremely crucial for us to do whatever we can to combat poor visibility while driving.

Like it is not bad enough that we are forced to endure the damaging effects to our health caused by the excessive haze, now there is also an added danger factor that we have to deal with while driving;  poor visibility.

Most accident reports reveal that poor visibility is oftentimes the primary cause behind road accidents. This is due to the simple fact that we have lesser time to react when we are unable to see clearly. And when that happens, a collision is usually not too far away.

Although there is nothing we can do about the haze situation, we need to look at what can be done to ensure that our visibility is not being impaired further by other factors. For starters, people should start opting for car window tinting in Malaysia that offers unaltered visibility while driving.

Due to the product’s excellent film clarity and low reflectance rate, the automotive window tint allows drivers to enjoy all the benefits of natural daylight without any of the uncomfortable heat or damaging UV rays. Once the LX70 automotive window tint is professionally installed, you won’t be able to see it, as glass maintains its original look, but you will definitely feel the difference.

The LX 70 is a nine sputtered layer spectrally selective film that rejects 98% of infra-red, 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays but with a high visible light transmittance of 72%. But that is not all, the LX70 also possesses the qualities of other top notch window films such as the ability to prevent solar heat gain.

The layers of customized solar window films used in the LX 70 series keeps uneven temperatures, hotspots and uncomfortable heat at bay by blocking out over half of the sun’s total solar energy. Not only will the LX70 provide you with a more comfortable driving experience, it will also reduce the need for air conditioning usage in your vehicle.

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