Google Drives for iPhone


The Google Drive helps you in creating, sharing and keeping all your stuff at a single place. You have the option of uploading any file type and size and enjoy the benefit of accessing it from anywhere and anytime. This could now include accessing your files or stuff via iPhone or iPad devices. Accessing up to 5GB file is allowed for free by Google, but when you increase the size, you got to pay for the same. This means, you have the option of uploading any of your latest picture and share it with your friends, who is based 1000 miles away along with enjoying several other features, which Google gives via this drive like accessing the data even off line so that you can check them while you are flying. Even if your iPhone get damaged or lost somewhere, you could still have all your data intact in Google Drive.

What’s new with the latest 1.3 version?

Recently, Google was seen releasing an iPhone application called GoogleReader for its latest Google Drive 1.3 version. It also helps the users to connect with a number of online cloud storage and syncing services including Google Docs, which is now Google Drive. This application could be called a boon for a number of iPhone users all over the world as they have been waiting for this feature since long. It helps you to view your files over Google Drive in a more stylish and neat interface. Also, you have a feature, which helps in checking these files while you stay offline during your travel when there is no network. This application simply acts as a read only option, which offers you little or no additional feature in it. This means, people are not able to upload any new file, create new documents or even allow editing the current documents.

The reason why Google has omitted this feature still seems to be a mystery thing, as opening up the Google Drive site with the help of any mobile browser like the new Chrome Browser from Google for iOS based users simply allows the full functionality options, which works perfectly well. Besides, the other feature you could enjoy is landscape editing of different spreadsheets and documents over your iPhone device. Now, you could see Google Docs loading much quicker and faster editing options and support with minimal amount of bugs. This means, the application is free from those old bugs, which used to harass the users.

GoogleReader a closer look

If you look at this application, you have two different user interface designs. The first one is meant for the large screen iOS devices like iPad, while other is designed for the iPhone devices. Both the design happens to be extremely functional and user friendly wherein you get to see simple navigations along with getting a full screen photo support, which helps you in viewing the pictures, which are seen embedded within your documents or uploaded over your drive account.


Despite the rivalry with Apple, Google is seen coming out with the iPhone application called GoogleReader for iPhone users. Hence the iPhone users have all reasons to rejoice from this gesture of Google and find the ease of accessing different files over the Google Drive via their iPhone or iPad devices.


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