Tips for developing a unique e-learning platform

E-Learning platforms have gained significant momentum in past few years. In lieu of today’s industry appeal and technology advancement, educational businesses accept fabricated an acute move by establishing online accoutrement and websites for appointment ability and education.

Following the digitization trend, a lot of educational training companies are creating their own eLearning platforms to bear and allotment ability beyond the globe. E-Learning businesses are an advantage because they are accouterment ability at users’ ease. Since, people across the world look for online learning option, these e-learning platforms bridges the gap. However, developing eLearning platform requires expertise to ensure end-user satisfaction.

One should never jump into the game just because it is in trend. Understanding of the industry and market, thorough research are some of the factors which should be taken care off in the first stage. Before establishing and eLearning platform, you must be acquainted of the probable outcomes, and know the exact do’s and don’ts of active an eLearning platform.

Tips for ELearning development solution:

Proper understanding – Some developers tend to misunderstand the abstraction of customization and focus on unnecessary array of customization options. However, for the end-users, such as learners and instructors, opportunities to administer their own settings is consistently a aloft attraction. Domain knowledge, understanding of target users and experience are some of the factors which helps in better understanding of the requirement and deliverables.

User-Interface: This is one of the core focus areas as every user would like to have a smooth, flawless, user-friendly interface. Complicated navigations, difficult to find options, misplaced icons, irrelevant content positioning can hamper the complete look and feel of an E-Learning application. For custom eLearning development, you therefore need domain experts.

Accessibility: It is ever so critical to make your E-Learning web application or platform accessible so that differently-abled people across the globe can access it without any hassle. For making e-Learning solution accessible you must consult experts delivering bespoke eLearning services.

Usage of images: It is always recommended to avoid unnecessary usage of images. Meaningful image positioning helps in better user interaction whereas, too many images can make it look clumsy and adds unwanted load time.

Content: Content is one of the most decisive factors; you e-Learning platform can never be successful if the content is irrelevant or too outdated. Even customized, interactive e-learning application or platform won’t sustain for long with the actual content is not worth reading for the end-users. Make sure you get the content unique, trending and engaging.

Testing strategy: Even before developing an e-learning platform get ready with strategic testing with a methodological approach in every phase. Functionality of the application, usability factors, performance of the platform at peak load, security of user be it an admin, instructor or student are some of the key factors which should be rigorously tested.

Feedback: Never forget to take feedback; conduct survey after training modules. This helps in fetching the real-time issues faced by the users. Work on the enhancements, get going with the new features based on the feedback.

These above tips are some of the most common aspects which developers tend to neglect and therefore, companies often fail to achieve the business objectives. If you get the above mentioned action points right on track; you are bound to deliver an amazing E-learning platform.


So, how unique is your e-Learning platform? Evaluate on various parameters before launching it in the market. A developer should be acquainted by industry nuances, best practices to ensure delivery of a bespoke E-Learning solution. Hire team of domain experts with years of experience delivering custom E-Learning solutions.

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