Top 6 editing tools that make a must-have for every blogger

Top 6 editing tools that make a must-have for every blogger

Blogging is both, fun and creativity. If you’ve been writing blogs on different subjects, you might be well acquainted with the basic techniques of doing so in a brilliant manner. Churning out blog posts on a daily basis is too time-consuming and it is actually impractical to spend an additional amount of time on polishing each post separately. If you’ve a flair for writing and are thoroughly concerned about the flawless quality of each and every post written by you then it is essential for you to use a set of editing tools. Through this post, I’ll make you familiar with 6 best editing tools that are a must-have for every novice as well as professional blogger who wants to assure 100% error-free nature of his/her blog posts.

Editing Tool#1-ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is an excellent blog editing tool that not only tells you what all areas you need to improve upon, but it even lets you know the technique of improving it in the best feasible manner. This tool generates a detailed analysis on different mistakes made while writing the blog. These mistakes include the ones mentioned below:

  • Overused words
  • Lengthy sentences
  • Inappropriate writing style
  • Plagiarism
  • “Sticky” sentences
  • Inconsistency in language flow

While ProWriting Aid’s free version is capable enough for editing major types of blog posts, purchasing a premium version will allow you to enjoy additional features.

Editing Tool#2- Hemingway App

Hemingway app is an excellent blog editing application that allows you to assess your blog on the basis of readability, number of complex words, number of adverbs used in the post and the number of times for which passive voice has been used in the entire blog post. Additionally, the Hemingway app also allows you to detect spelling mistakes in your write-ups. You can choose to purchase a desktop version of this app by paying a marginal price of $5.


Editing Tool#3-ClincheFinder

Are you fed up of finding clinches in your blog post? If yes, then ClincheFinder is the god sent gift for you. In order to use this editing tool, all you need to do is simply copy paste your post in the space provided and click on the “FindCliches” button. Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to see every cringe-worthy phrase highlighted in red. Once you’re aware about these clinches, you may either choose to rewrite these phrases or modify them to suit your blog’s soul.

Editing Tool#4- WordCounter

WordCounter is the perfect tool that enables you to check for keyword frequency and usage of repetitive words within a blog post. With this tool, you can easily get the count of keywords included within your post and rank the keywords as per their respective frequency. If you’re looking for reducing redundancy and/or repetitive writing in your blog post, WordCounter is the tool that won’t disappoint you.

Editing Tool#5- After The Deadline

After The Deadline(AtD) is a blog editing tool that doesn’t just flag and provide you suggestions for your grammar, spelling and writing style, it also renders you appropriate explanation for the reasons behind the corrections given. To put it more simply, the longer you put the AtD tool to use, the better blogger to tend to become.

EditMinion is yet another brilliant blog editing tool that takes just a few seconds time to check your write-ups for incompetencies such as usage of wrong adverbs, passive voice, overuse of the word “said”, words ending with prepositions, confusing homonyms and many more. When you use EditMinion for editing your blog, you receive a report card that contains a list of all the mistakes that have been made while writing the post. You can even choose to add “hashtags” in your blogs for an enhanced editing.

Wrapping Up

Although all the aforementioned blog editing tools have their own pros and cons, it is better to choose one only after conducting a detailed survey. These six blog editing tools for bloggers work as magic wands for getting rid of both, minor as well as major writing flaws that are made by amateur as well as professional blog writers. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to opt for these tools or not. I would suggest you to analyze your write-ups before settling down for a particular tool.

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