How to Take Screenshot in Chrome without Using an Extension

In today’s fast and efficient world of technology, every person is very much busy in their official or routine work. Some find it very hard to do work over the internet while if they want to fetch anything hassle free. In this evolutionary process of internet dorm, everybody is stuck to many famous browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more.  Among these giants one may think that how you could take a Screenshot without any extension?

Well, there are many ways to take a screenshot; using an extension in one of the browsers, or through Java, etc. Now, why is there a need for a screenshot? Because so many people want to share something every time and every day with their friends and relatives. Now coming back to the point, screenshots are very common and easiest way of sending some pictures or documents over the internet where you would like to be heard. So many find it hard to search it over the internet to how to take a screenshot without any technicalities. Some get into trouble while installing extensions that can harm your computer’s efficiency, or can slow down your browser speed. While some of them get into trouble and again after installing those extensions they want to get rid of these extensions, after a huge mess is created they step on too many other companies offering them these simple tricks in hundreds of dollars and they end up in worrying and yet the results are not achieved.

So a person thinks that will there be any easy way to take a simple screenshot with some good and easy steps without spending a single penny? We are here to help you achieve your targeted screenshot without any hesitation with some quick and easy steps.

There are a variety of ways to take a screenshot in Chrome. Like the old fashioned way; i.e Print Scrn Key in Windows and Cmd+shift key+4 on a Mac PC. While some people do not have knowledge that Google Chrome browser has a built in screenshot ability that allows you to take a screenshot without any need of extension and through this ability you can also add true frames to your screenshot by adding device frames.

Taking a Screenshot in chrome solved step by step:-

  • Open a webpage in chrome and choose Settings-ToolsDeveloper Tools.
  • Press the Developer toolbar option and it will glow blue, now select any mobile device in built in presets.
  • Select zoom to 100% and rotate the icon to change its orientation; the original will be in portrait mode.
  • Now click the 3 dots located at the upper right corner in chrome to enable device frame.
  • To save in a PNG format click the Capture Screenshot from the menu to save it.

Above is an easy and interesting way to save a screenshot hassle-free or if you don’t like it that way you can stick to old fashioned Print Screen Menu.

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