5 exciting features of Windows 8.1

5 exciting features of Windows 8.1

If you are a windows fan, there is some good news for you. Recently, Microsoft has announced one more new update for its OS Windows 8, which has a codename – Windows Blue, Windows 8.1. It is more than an update and will certainly going to include a couple of major changes in it. Microsoft is soon expected to come out with the free update this month end.  To get some of the glimpses of Windows 8.1, let’s check out some of the interesting features of this new OS.

1). Desktop mode: This update in Windows 8.1 helps the users to launch the OS in desktop mode that allows resembling the same kind of set up unlike the ones seen in the older versions. You can see a number of tiles over the start screen of win 8.1, which you can easily rearrange. This OS now can be seen with wide range of colors and backgrounds for the users and start screen, which helps in selecting the desktop background as a start screen background.

2). The Start button is back: The current version of Windows 8 doesn’t carry the start button; however, the newer version announced has the same old start button. But this is now seen with some enhancements, this button is placed over the screen and when you click on it you will see it appearing with the wallpaper. Thus the user interface at this new OS seems to be interesting and make the users get a new experience.

3). Internet Explorer 11: The Win 8.1 comes with IE 11 (Internet Explorer 11). This time however, it has come up with better performance and thus the users can load the pages much faster and you have a couple of other interesting features to toy with.  In fact, in the IE11, you can even set an all together new look and feel of the browser wherein you can see the address bar at your desired place along with having loads of tabs.

4). The new search technology: The newly announced OS is reported employing Microsoft’s Bing search technology in it. In this OS, instead of finding out the apps or files in different categories, the Windows 8.1 simply allows the possibility to search about different things over the PC or over the internet in just one go. As per the Microsoft officials, this feature is likely to change the way the users interact over the internet. It can be termed as a modern version of the command line where you can easily access settings, apps and files without actually scrolling at the left side.

5). Get connected to the SkyDrive: In order to save your images, important documents and files you have a new feature in Win 8.1, which allows you have a built-in connection to the online storage system from Microsoft that is nothing but the SkyDrive. You can save different files directly at this place and even when you are working offline. With the help of SkyDrive application, you can end up getting loads of new updates, which are being shared to the users for enhancements.


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