How to Make Money with Your Twitter Account

How to Make Money with Your Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the leading social networks in the world. Millions of people visit Twitter daily just to socialize. But, unlike other social networks, Twitter has a form of communication different than others.

140-characters or less is all you have to express yourself.

This limitation adds a creative dynamic for everyone utilizing it, spanning from kids to celebrities.

However, while many people are utilizing it as a social network, companies and entrepreneurs alike look for methods to make money from Twitter.

Methods to Generate Income

1.     Become a Sponsor on Twitter

High profile celebrities such as the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus make upward of $10,000 to $15,000 for a single tweet simply to promote products on their page. In 140-characters or less, these advertisements cut to the chase and immediately tell the customer what the product does.

While the average Joe will not be capable of generating this much income from a sponsor, generating income can still be a massive industry for you. The larger following you have, the more retweets you receive and the more favorites you receive – the higher chance you will of being hired and receiving additional income that lower follower accounts will be unable to make.

Companies such as TweetPeddler, MyLikes Social Peddler, PaidPer Tweeter and Sponsered Tweets offer sponsor opportunities.

2.     Market Through Affiliation

Many social networks allow you to do affiliate marketing through their networks and Twitter does not differ. Affiliate marketing, in short, is similar to sponsoring, but yet not really.

When you become a sponsor, you are prompted to share an advertisement on your page and you get paid immediately. Sponsoring is like becoming a spokesperson basically.

However, affiliate marketing is taking more of a backseat approach to sponsoring. Instead of being paid an upfront fee, you will be paid through affiliation. You choose products and you must market them on your page. The more leads you generate, the more income you make from them.

Some affiliate marketing companies pay-per-click while some pay-per-purchase. Others pay for both, giving you a small bonus for a click and giving you an additional, larger bonus for the purchase (usually a percentage of the product purchased).

Affiliated marketers include iTunesAmazonTweet AdderGroupon and many other businesses that sell products.

3.     Selling Products on Twitter

One of the leading ways to make a legitimate profit from Twitter is to create your own product line. Sell products that you know would appeal to your followers and begin to advertise your own products. Make a Twitter page for your business and create a personal business.

Selling products via Twitter can be a profitable marketing strategy. This holds especially true if you are going to be marketing yourself in a manner to gain more followers. Get your followers to trust you before you begin promoting on your personal account. Do not make your personal account only about your store, otherwise people will view you as a spammer. Don’t feel as though your product can’t be sold on Twitter, anything can, from make up to serveries and tools. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to selling products on Twitter, strategy is a must. Creating a business plan to market yourself will be even more ideal for you.

4.     Allow Your Followers to Help Your Business

In a way, you can become a more successful businessman if you market yourself correctly on Twitter. If you own your own business or are looking to create it, selling your products is a good idea. However, to add onto that idea – allow your followers to engage in your businesses.

For example, create contests where people can make submissions for your company. The winner gets their submission made into reality with credits and give them some type of monetary compensation whether it is a gift, gift card or actual money.


Your Twitter can be made into a sensation if you allow it to be. Marketing on Twitter can be a tedious task, but you can gain quality followers if you learn the ropes. The more followers you have, the larger opportunity you will have to gain monetary compensation from your Twitter or any social network.

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