The Ease and Benefits of Mobile Top-Ups

When it comes to rewarding customers, clients, employees, shareholder or suppliers, there are a number of rewards or gifts that the management thinks about. There is always the option of physical rewards such as gift vouchers, paid vacations, entry or movie tickets, gift baskets, promotional pens, customized wine etc. And then there are always e-gift cards that can also be redeemed by the recipient via email. But when businesses are looking for something unique to offer to those they value the most, going a step further than traditional gifts is the way to do it.

The gift selection can be a tricky process but only if you find that one thing that all of your customers, shareholders, employees and clients have in common, you won’t have to go through the hassle of investing in different gift items.

So is there something that everyone has in common?

If you were to walk down a street whether meeting a client at a coffee shop or to a hotel nearby, what is the one thing that will help you reach the exact location? Google maps on your phone, perhaps? Now imagine, in that very moment when you were about to make a call, you are out of credit in your phone, how difficult it would be for you to contact. If only you could use free Wi-Fi to your advantage and get some instant credit?

Yes, we are talking about mobile top-ups!

What Is A Mobile Top-Up?

Since the very connotation of the word top-up is used differently globally, it is difficult for many to understand the core of it. Since the word top-up is often used in sentences to fill something rather than refill, it is often misinterpreted. In the simplest of terms, a top-up is recharging your phone’s network service provider so that you can enjoy more talk time 4G or SMS.

Since all your employees, clients and customers have phones, imagine a reward system here they can redeem free top-ups of a fixed amount when in need.

The Benefits of Mobile Top-Ups as a Reward

To further convince you why it is one of the most unique rewards for your people is that it is the fastest-growing industry. As of the 2017 statistics, 5.3 billion mobile users are worldwide. Of this industry, the largest chunk is enjoyed by those who use prepaid services so that they top-up when needed.

Unlike other rewards, which your employees or clients will probably never use, this one standouts out due to its ease and countless benefits.

It is due to this reason why many companies are opting or smarter solutions as such to benefit their employees with meaningful rewards so that they can tell them that they are indeed valued.

When devising their reward systems, many companies are adding mobile top-ups as one of the many redeemable gifts, so that all those affiliated with the business can redeem the reward.


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