Business Technology Trends We Can Expect in 2017

Technology is a vital part of a modern-day human being – it has managed to seep into every aspect of our lives. The countless benefits and possibilities that it offers have made keeping up with the pace of tech progress unavoidable in keeping one’s business afloat. Here’s a list of business technology trends to expect in 2017.

User Experience is Vital for Success

The customer is always right – there is no denying this. It is imperative that you always keep your users and customers in mind, as well as their needs and desires. Improved customer experience should always be on your mind and your ultimate goal. For example, having a website in addition to social media pages goes without saying, but making your online presence just because you’ve heard that this is important isn’t enough – you have to maintain your website and constantly make improvements. This is very important, seeing as how the people of today are growing increasingly impatient – we are used to everything being a click away and we refuse to linger on websites that either take too long to load or are overly complex. Always keep user friendliness in mind!

Place, Time and Device Flexibility

Another great improvement that the technology has brought upon our world is the overall flexibility. With people having access to the online world from anywhere, the question of whether the internet cafés are slowly becoming obsolete is raised. This is one of many proofs that having to stay stationary in order to be connected is no longer necessary. What connective mobility brings to the table is the ability for an employer to allow their employees to work from home, or from wherever they find convenient, for that matter. Some people prefer the strict work atmosphere of an office, while others like to keep to themselves as they work – so, why not let them choose a location where their productivity will spike? On another hand, all of this pales in significance in comparison to the modern ability to have your business files available on the cloud everywhere and at any time and to the fact that overseas communication has never been easier.

Security Tech

The security technologies are constantly moving forward, but only because the threats are always trying to keep up. The importance of keeping one’s business safe should never be neglected. The security measures range from keeping your web presence safe, to physical safety of your employees and their possessions. Experts at Locksmith Macquarie Park can inform you about everything you need to know, from safes and cabinets, to motion detectors, cameras, alarms and physical security. It is vital that you don’t underestimate the dangers that security threats can bring upon and that you properly equip your office with all the precautionary measures, regardless of the nature of the threats. Read more on


Business Apps

Yes, everyone owns a smartphone, but it isn’t these pocket computers in themselves that are the cause of all the hype; it is actually the apps they allow us to access. Everyone has an app and so should your business! Making these isn’t exactly rocket science anymore, seeing as how creating apps is far less complicated than it used to be. Having a business website is no longer enough (although it goes without saying), nowadays every serious company owns their own app and, seeing as how obtaining these has never been easier, why not make yourself a part of this world too?

These technology trends are currently present and are likely to linger throughout 2017 and beyond. Keep in mind that you need to pay attention to your customers’ needs, that you should always stay flexible, make sure that you properly cover all the necessary security basics and be careful not to disregard the importance of having your very own business app!


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