Hi-tech tools used by security guards

Hi-tech tools used by security guards

The job of the modern day security guards who are employed at sensitive places like bigger banks, lucrative corporate offices and even at any wealthy man’s mansion is very much critical these days. Considering the smart thieves and high-end robbers, it has become very much important for everyone to train and training for security guards on using the hi-tech tools, which can help them avert any robbery attack and even catch the thief attempting to squeeze the expensive belongings.   So, if you are interested to secure your places, it’s time to arm your security guards with hi-tech tools and equipments. Some of these are discussed as below; let us check them out as under:

Fingerprint Reader

The custom biometric fingerprint readers are simply used to control the access to safe rooms, gun cabinets and homes. The custom readers are usually made up to match up the home decor and are very much secured. Installing this device can only allow certain specific people only inside the secured place via a single door and then access specific rooms on particular day and time.

Virtual Fence

Such types of fences are installed at nuclear sites, VIP homes and correctional facilities. Then sensor cables are buried inside the ground and then can be integrated within the closed caption TV cameras in order to detect any preaches being attempted over the perimeter.  With added software, the product comes up with capability in order to send out text message to the police or the homeowner whenever you find any kind of breach working out.

Thermal Imager

This is a hand held and high-resolution thermal images, which is employed simply to locate and detect the concealed surveillance equipment that is hidden in offices and homes. A majority of electronic surveillance equipment simply emits out infrared radiation or heat, which are detected with these ultrasensitive imaging devices.

Micro GSM Based GPS Tracker

This particular device can be easily attached to shoes, collars and clothing and even could be embedded into the backpacks in order to help in tracking the pets and children by rending the GPS data in case if they are lost or abducted. The information about the child or pet’s current location can be easily sent out electronically to their parent or owner’s cell phone device. And the best part is these devices aren’t that costly you can get them at the rate ranging from 250 to 450 dollars per tracker, which makes it accessible both the to the poor and rich people.

Hailing devices

It is a long range acoustic hailing device, which broadcasts the powerful deterrent tones and a number of multi-language voice commands up to 2 miles distances in order to prevent the pirate attacks and thus warn the fishing boats and several other approaching ships in order to stay away while your boat or yacht is approaching. These devices simply generate a much focused kind of acoustic energy in order to ensure that your voice commands could be heard clearly and then understood easily by ships, which do not respond to your radio calls and thus help in creating big standoff zones over your boat.  see informations on security guard requirements

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