Connect your instrument to Garage Band: Ways


Garage Band is a versatile and inexpensive recording program from Apple, which helps you in recording a number of song ideas and demo tapes over your Mac machine. The fact is there are many devices, which will help you in connecting your instruments to Garage Band. However covering them all over in a single post could be difficult, hence this article would focus more over the cross section of a couple of input devices and certainly not the entire list of these. The best example would be the guitar, which would be used as reference to connect with the Garage Band. The fact is most of the input devices are able to work over the instruments, which carry the input as 1/4″. Let’s check the top ways to connect your instrument to Garage Band.

Connecting USB cable to the Mac machine

The basic method to connect the devices to Garage band is with the help of a USB cable to your Mac machine. In order to get some of the best results, it is recommended to plug them directly over your Mac machine and not at the USB hub. After this step, you are supposed to open the Garage Band program and move inside its Preferences window, wherein you are supposed to click the option called the Audio/Midi tab. Once you do this, you are supposed to choose the input device from the drop down list.

Once you are through with these steps, you are supposed to move inside your project and add a new track over there. Then choose the real instrument found over the selection screen especially when you are looking out to mix your amp or by using your keyboard. Now, select the option of Electric Guitar if you are looking to use the option of Garage Band’s built-in effects and amps. Lastly, you are supposed to go to Track menu wherein you need to choose the option called -‘Show Monitoring for the Real Instrument Track’. This will help you in listening up your instrument with the help of your speakers whenever you will play it.

Using the Amps and Effects

If you are mixing your amp, you would then like to play with the help of your Garage Band’s amps and different effects. In order to do this, you are supposed to choose your guitar track over the track listing found at the left side. Over the far right option, you could find different amp options, which you could use as per your taste and choice. Also, you have the option of selecting a wide range of preset sounds found over the pull down menu based over the same area. You also have the option of adjusting things like treble, bass and other things from the list seen over the screen.

Using the input devices

For the input devices, you could play between the Rocksmith cable and the Apogee Jam. For a majority of the part, selection could be from the interface, which you are using presently. The iOS and Jam cables could be called as the permanent thing found over your gig bag, which will help you in practicing the music outside your home irrespective of the type of guitar you are using. You have the option of using amps that comes built in over the GarageBand or could use the Garage Band plug-in for Amplitube and Guitar Rig. However, if you want to use these external programs, the built in option could prove to be the best deal for you. The presets are simply awesome option, which helps you in instantly dialing up the sound for you.

Final word

The features of GarageBand are reported to be very much impressive. However, connecting it to your desired instrument is often a question asked by the music lovers. Using the above methods, you could easily end up connecting your instrument over Apple’s program called GarageBand.

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