Tips to Overcome the Fear of Google’s update: Panda and Penguin


Every time Google releases an update, it can be a bit of alarming to webmasters and website owners since they have no idea of the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. To check the quality of websites, Google has come out with Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. These updates pull out low quality websites that are placed high in search results and replace them with good quality sites.

Though the functions of Panda and Penguin updates are different from one another their goal is the same. Google’s Panda mainly identifies sites with low quality stuff and alter their rankings considerably. The Penguin update identifies sites that trick the search engines by using other black hat SEO techniques. So you need to reconsider your SEO strategy if you don’t want your site to be under the fear of Google’s Panda and Penguin. Here are some tips to overcome Google’s update challenges.

Create quality content

Search engines always reward quality content. Make sure the keywords come in your content naturally, don’t overstuff them. Your content should be fresh, error-free and provide valuable information for the readers. Search engines love to index quality content than those which are not crafted well. Though Google’s algorithm keeps constantly changing, creating quality content is crucial to keep your site alive and constantly generating traffic.

Avoid excessive ads

If you want to place ads on your site, make sure that they don’t interfere with your content. Or else your site visitors will get irritated and quit your site and this will badly affect the traffic to your site. Implement a design that places the ads a little more tactfully.

Enrich brand building

Brand building is crucial for your website to stay alive even after a Google update. There are different ways of doing this but for the popularity of your brand, you need to adopt unique techniques. This way you can expose it off through your blog posts. If the methods you use gain popularity then you have made a brand for yourself. The outcome of this is that visitors will be interested in learning more about your products/services. The more popular you become, the more search engines can index your site. However, all this cannot be expected overnight. It requires lot of hard work and a few resources but if the results are guaranteed then why not keep it? Doing so will lead you on the right path.

Embed YouTube Videos

YouTube is a powerful SEO boost. Put some time in creating good videos that users will love to watch and share them.

YouTube ranks third among other search engines in the world. In other words people search it for all their needs, so make use of this opportunity and get indexed in that search. And since YouTube is managed by Google, your site could show up in Google search results as well.

By adding interesting videos in your blog posts, you will be engaging your visitors for long on your page. If you can engage some visitors for a full 2-3 minute video session, you’ve boosted your time on site.

These tips help your bullet-proof site to move high in search results more reliably than any automated fake system that Google continues to de-index them.


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