How To Fnd IP Address And Login To Router?


Internet protocol address plays an important role as it is used in the computer networks. Certain range of IP addresses are used in router for private internet connections. The IP address is a default gateway for certain types of network routers like Cisco brand routers. It is utilized for private servers. Home broadband routers will make use of in high range. This IP address is used by Linksys router and several other devices.

Importance of router with private IP address

A router is a vital resource in a computer network. Manufacturer assigns the router with default IP address at the factory. Different brands of routers are prevalent in the online world. You want to make a deep research on several types of routers to choose the best one. In the recent days, most of the private network servers make use of private IP address. The private address can be assigned to any source in your network. But, this kind of address is configured to only source. You want to keep this in your mind while selecting the router with IP address. When you want to change the default settings of your router, you want to know the IP address of that router.

  • Check the router’s label for knowing default IP address.
  • Start a command prompt and type in ipconfig to observe the default gateway for windows.

Once you find your default IP address, you want to enter the IP in the address bar of your web browser. It will take you to the home page of the router. Then, you can alter the settings of the router as per your needs.

Look for the default login info

You will be asked with username and password for entering into router’s information. If you cannot remember your login information, you can make use of internet resources. Online websites help you with default login credentials of different router brands. In that case, you can find your desired brand router details in the online. If you have already changed the default username and password, you have to obtain support from experts for recovering it. If you can change the password as a strong one, you can free from security issues. You can access into the network sites without any hassles. Once you access the router as an administrator, you can make all necessary changes as per your requirements devoid of troubles.

The IP address is come under class A address. It has a default subnet mask The IP address is also called as default gateway. Further, the IP address is set as default address by many router manufacturers. Both IP addresses are private address ranges. When you make use of private IP address for network connections, you can reside in a secure network.

Get into router’s default settings

An internet protocol is a numerical number assigned to router for communication purpose. Using the router, you can converse with anyone via the internet. Most of the router manufacturers will make use of private IP address as a default gateway. If you want to access the router’s information, you need to know the IP address of it. It is not possible to access the configuration settings of the router without knowing the IP address. Two different types of address are available namely static and dynamic. You can alter the settings of your router with the use of default IP address. Useful tips in the online helps you to discover the router’s IP address in an easy way. You don’t need to put more efforts and time to find the IP address. Further, it will not take more time as you want to do some simple steps to discover the default IP address and login information.

  • Make sure that your computer with connected to the network.
  • You have to make use of start menu and type cmd in the search box.
  • Now, you have to hit enter and type ipconfig.
  • You can observe your IP address of your router.

Steps to change the administration settings

Each and every letter in the password and username is case sensitive. You want to enter the appropriate username and password of your router devoid of mistakes. If you need to make any modifications in the router’s administration settings, you want to open the web browser. Then, you want to type the IP address of your router. After that, you want to type the username and password of your router. You will be logged into the router as an administrator so that you can change the default settings of the router in a hassle free manner. If you change the default password and username, you want to write it in a paper for easy remembrance. You can access the internet connection in a protected network.


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