Why You Should Use WordPress As CMS


If you have been active in IT community in the past few years you must have heard many praises of WordPress, its ease of use and plethora of functions. If not, no need to worry as I’ll go through some of the best key features that this CMS has to offer.

WordPress is open source, highly flexible, SEO friendly, responsive and user-friendly open source CMS (Content Management System). Millions of the website owners in the world have trusted WordPress to create and run their personal and professional web pages. The statistics rather makes a stronger case than just the words. According to official WordPress page, over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web. And among the total population of CMS users worldwide, impressive 58.5% of them use WordPress to maintain their websites.

Plug And Play Mentality In Web Design

With these instances, you might have been convinced to develop your new or next project on WordPress. But if you are still unsure, let us give you details on why WordPress could be the best solution for your website building plan. First thing is that it’s probably the most user-friendly CMS available. If you are not too much tech-savvy and have no knowledge of coding, you can still successfully use WordPress. With well organized and easy to navigate user interface, even the beginners won’t have much trouble creating an elegant website for pretty much any purpose. WordPress doesn’t require HTML or PHP knowledge, which is one main features differentiating it from other CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla. Although, if you have knowledge of coding in said languages, that’s even better as you will most definitely reap additional benefits.

With Customization To Perfection

WordPress user base have over the years created plethora of free and premium visual themes and templates, with majority of these designs still being open for further customization to fit your liking and style of your web page. Alongside with themes you have an easy access to numerous plug-ins and widgets which can add various functions to your website, such as Facebook and Twitter feed, galleries, CAPTCHA and spam filters for comment section and so on. Plug-ins and visual themes are widely available online, all you need to do is to find those you like.

WordPress Is SEO-friendly

Every web administrator by this point must be aware of Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO. It is a long and complicated process with its main purpose being ranking your web page higher among Google search results, which is important if you want to attract visitors on your page. So instead doing all SEO work by yourself, your WordPress web page can be optimized with minimal effort. Google simply loves responsive design of pages, and have tendency of ranking them higher than those without. This is to be expected since major chunk of Internet traffic is coming from portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Responsive design of WordPress pages takes care of properly displaying content of your page regardless of resolution and screen size of device. So that’s a big plus just out of the box. Further optimization can be done through implemented tools. One of such is proper tagging and categorization of your posts. This is something that doesn’t take too much time, but it’s proven helpful in the long run. Also it is advised to take advantages of free SEO plug-ins that will further help you with process of optimization.

Powered By Community

As already mentioned, open source nature of WordPress is what makes it such a powerful and always evolving tool for web developers. Community gathered around WordPress is always available to offer help and advice on any kind of issue you might confront in your work. Online knowledge base is also freely available and updated on regular basis. This has been proven a useful method of finding fast solutions to more common problems users come across. Of course you are invited to contribute here yourself, weather that might be through instructions and tutorials, further development of WordPress, designing striking visual themes or useful plug-in. Community is pleasant, helpful and inviting.

As you can see, WordPress is an easy to use and steadily growing platform. You might not even be aware how many popular web pages and popular brands use WordPress to run their web pages. Tech Crunch, Times, BBC America, Variety, Fortune, Time, to name just a few. With time and popularity numbers will only grow, and it is a good idea to give this amazing platform a fair chance weather you are in need of CMS for your personal or professional web page. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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