Forget about focusing on keywords start thinking about the topics

Forget about focusing on keywords start thinking about the topics

The future of online marketing is no more dependent upon targeting certain keywords. In fact, as per experts this has become an obsolete idea and turned out to be a superficial choice as well. Today, experts on internet marketing feel that it’s high time to shift our focus from few set of keywords to catchy and intriguing topics. In other words, the marketers should be able to understand the queries of their target crowd rather than looking at the ways in which they are seen phrasing it.    

The first step

So, what does this mean to the marketers who try out a number of things under online marketing on a daily basis? The answer to this question starts and ends with using the terminology like keyword a lot. To be specific, this simply means you talk things differently, report and change the conversations with the target audience regarding their aims and objectives. So rather than relying over the same old ranking reports, it’s time to change the way you report things to your client or your boss to get aligned the best with the data, which suits the right way with your objectives.

Starting up with defining your end goal

First thing first, you need to define what you really want from your business. Your business goal could include – being a thought leader in your space, business expansion, launching out new products, boosting up your company’s share of voice in the market. Your goals should be developed collectively and not just by any single man. Your aims and objectives should be something, which can be measurable and have its impact over the objective of your company.

What do you really want to achieve?

After much of the theoretical discussions it’s time to talk something tangible.  You can be reporting to your client/boss as per your goals and the kind of actions you are undertaking to hamper those numbers. The best way is to ask your boss or client the things they want to study through certain reports or data. This will help you in getting the right insight in the things they are trying to find and the best way to report. For this you can adopt a three strategy plan- firstly start by explaining your objectives and the way they impact the business, secondly explain the different changes to the info, which is sent to analytics and lastly, discuss about the way you can remain committed to things, which can be measured and render results to your business.

Ranking still matters

Despite all this, if you see your boss still asking for the ranking reports, make sure you ask the reason for the same. The answer you give in the form of report would tell them where they stand in SEO. Rankings can come out for many reasons- the keyword or the query is one of the initiator of this procedure. You can have several variations of keywords for any one topic and hence your focus must be on the page and of course the topic and not just one or two of the potentially hundreds of keywords. As a search marketer you should be more interested in having relevant content and boosting up the page on which you are targeting.


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