5 Easy-To-Use Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

If you are looking for smart, easy, and effective ways to increase your website traffic? Then your search ends here. This blog can be the perfect guide for you, which will not only help you to attract customers but will also enhance the beauty of your website with minimum effort.

There is no denying that social media platforms are influential mediums for businesses to establish their brands in this digital age of marketing. And amongst all the platforms, Instagram stands tall as one of the most popular and useful social media platforms for brands.

What makes Instagram so popular? While reasons are numerous, two reasons that stand out the most are its user-friendly interface and vibrant-looking feed. Talking about vibrant feed, even you can bring that vibe to your website by simply embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

Including Instagram’s method, there are numerous ways by which you can integrate Instagram into your website. In this blog, we will talk about the 5 best tools that help to embed Instagram widget on your website with ease and pocket-friendly prices.

What is an Instagram Widget?

Starting with the basic Instagram widget is a collection of Instagram posts that you display on your feed.

Many social media aggregators provide a dedicated Instagram widget that helps you in showcasing your Instagram posts and widgets on your platforms. These widgets add charm to your website as they display vibrant and lively Instagram posts on the website. Moreover, they help assemble more visitors to the website, as visual-based content always has the power to attract more people.

As mentioned, social media aggregators provide dedicated Instagram widgets. For your convenience, we have accumulated the list of the 5 best social media aggregator tools. We have examined them based on usage, features, and prices.

5 Recommendable Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Website For Free:

Social media aggregator eases the process of embedding as they are easy to install and operate. From the following list, you can select the tool which best fits your needs. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the popular social media aggregators because it provides maximum benefit at minimum cost. It helps you aggregate feeds from Instagram as per your need and then displays them beautifully on your website. Moreover, you can sign up and use your free account to embed the Instagram widget. Yes, you read it right. Tagembed provides an Instagram widget free of cost.

Talking about its features, one the best feature of the tool is that provides customization feature which helps you to personalize your widget and match it according to your website’s style. Here you change the font style, font size, background, theme of your widget and make it more attractive. Because with so many business websites in the competition, a good-looking website is a must, as it helps you to attract more audience. And as you attract more audience, the chances of sales increases.

Tagembed is easy to install, you just have to follow two steps, and within few minutes, your website will be displaying Instagram posts. Moreover, the tool is coding-free. Hence, you don’t need any coding skills to operate this tool or require any developer/specialist.

2. Elfsight

Elfisght is one of the most trusted social media aggregators with a strong client portfolio, including some big brands.

It provides you with a shoppable Instagram feed, which helps you to attain more sales for your business. Moreover, these widgets are responsive. Hence you don’t need to worry if your visitor is using mobile, Pc, or tablet, it adjusts accordingly and enhances their browsing experience.

The tool provides you various options like Instagram Video feed, Instagram Live feed, Slideshow widget, and more. You can choose the widget that best suits your website style and add grace to it.

3. Snapwidget

User-generated content is marketing gold and the way you present it adds a boost to them and helps to generate visitors to your website.

Snapwidget provides you with various options for your widget. For example, you can choose, Instagram slideshow, which displays Instagram photos as a slideshow. You can use it to showcase different products of your brand. Or, Instagram scrolling, which provides a scrollable feed that keeps your visitors engaged on the website. Besides these two, there are various other widgets as well. You can choose the widget style according to your style.

4. Light Widget

With a self-explanatory name, Light Widget stands tall as one of the best tools in the market. It is lightweight, which means it does not affect the speed of your website. In addition, it comfortably streams videos, images, GIFs, and more without any hassle.

In addition, you can even add your multiple Instagram account and manage all the feeds. Talking about the widget, it provides 3 major options –  grid, slider, and masonry. Moreover, the widgets are responsive and adjust according to the screen size, hence saving your time manually changing the widget setting as per the screen size.

5. Embed Social

If you are looking for a tool that displays a live Instagram feed, then Embed social is the perfect tool for you. With the auto-update feature, it displays all the latest Instagram posts automatically. You don’t have to refresh the feed manually. All you have to do is simply switch on the auto-sync option.

You can also add multiple accounts for your feed and display them on your different websites. With customization and moderation features, the tool stands as one of the best tools on the market. You can easily install it and run it without any hassle.


Instagram is an influential platform. While many brands restrict themselves by using it within the platform limits, you can have the edge over them by embedding its feed on your website. Imagine the growth your website can get as you display such vibrant and lively content. Moreover, this strategy costs way less than an expensive advertising campaign and provides great results at a reasonable cost.

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