How technology killing your sex relationship

In our life, technology is an essential part in our life, which we will never ignore it. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that sometimes technology comes as a wall in our relationship. Therefore, we fall on it and make our life more miserable as well. Particularly, it is felt very much in our sex relationship as well. The reason is that the technology comes as an intruder in our privacy time. Therefore, that, if we could not immediately avoid it during our privacy time, then our relationship will be suffered also. When we are in any kind of sexual activity, then we should be careful about it. Therefore, that it can hamper our high time in our personal physical journey as well. 

Phone call

When you are engaged in sexual activity, then if you get the phone call, you should immediately ignore it. Otherwise, your exploration in the sexual world will be incomplete. Therefore, you should make yourself stubborn in your conviction that you will never receive any phone call during your sexual journey as well. Actually, what happens is that when you will receive the phone call during sexual activity, your partner will be upset most. Therefore, you should be careful in this matter. Otherwise, your relationship with your partner will never see the reality as well. 


If you promise your partner for an intimate physical journey in advance, then you should make yourself ready for it. However, if you are engaged in the email searching and giving the replies to it, then you have to face the music. The reason is that you should know that your sexual journey would be suffered if you stick yourself for the email searching as well. Even, you will see that email checking is the nagging habit for anybody. Nevertheless, never ignore it even in the critical physical intimacy. Actually, you will never yourself away from your nagging habit even your heart does not permit it as well. 


It is a great technological nuisance in our modern life. The reason is that you will never expect the useful SMS in your smart phone all time. However, in the reality is that you will get only 20% useful SMS for your needs in your mobile phone. The rest 80% SMS will make the nuisance in your life. During your sexual intimacy with your partner will get disturbed when you will get a SMS ring tone. It will make your mind stay away from your intimacy for a moment. You should also know that our sexual activity has short time duration. Therefore, you should never waste your time from the outside disturbance. 


If you already promise your partner for the sexual endeavor in advance, then you already engage yourself in the chatting, then your partner will stay away from you over the time. Chatting is very much addiction. Therefore, if you resist it, then you will able to save your commitment to your sexual partner and you will able to win his or her confidence as well. 

Therefore, you should use the technology in your favor in such a way that your sexual relationship could keep its momentum well and successful.

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