How to Choose the Right Location for Your Office

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Office

Whatever the size or niche of your business, having the right base to meet and liaise with clients and customers is essential and can make that all important great impression, whether it’s a first, second or third meeting. However, choosing the right location for your office space isn’t as easy as people think, we have compiled our essential guide to choosing the perfect setting to meet your business needs so you can launch and grow a business that doesn’t just survive but thrives!

Location is everything

Many business owners fail to understand just how important location is to the strength and reach of your business. In fact many SMEs struggle to broaden their horizons and take their venture to the next level due to poor location, which can also hinder recruitment and increase staff turnover.

The location of your office should create the perfect working environment for you, your staff and clients who want to reach you in person so ensuring your new office and wider location has the amenities to accommodate your needs effectively is vital.

Consider your customer base

Getting the location right for your business’ target audience is perhaps the most important part of your search. Think about prime locations for visiting clients and customers, especially if you are a local or regional business. Having a visible presence within the local community can really make your business stand out from more mainstream competitors and give your professional venture a truly personal touch.

Choosing a location with excellent transport links can also help visiting clients and customers reach you, as well as making life easier for your workforce.

A location to be proud of

Creating a great impression in the business world isn’t just about how aesthetically pleasing your office building is, choosing a great location will also work wonders for portraying a professional corporate image. As well as investing in up and coming areas, take time to create a comfortable and welcoming interior to ensure your company has a space it can be proud of.

Beware of hidden costs

Hidden expenses are often a real shock to those renting an office space, especially if this is your very first business base. The location you choose can add a premium to the overall of office rental, whilst extras such as utilities, maintenance and moving expenses can also make your office costs jump up considerably. When considering the right location for your business, look at the complete package and weigh up which space and location provides the best value for money.

Space to grow

Ensuring your new location offers space for your business to grow is essential, and can cut costs in the long run as moving is notoriously expensive. Always opt for a flexible setting which can adjust to your leasing requirements over time, and try to negotiate a shorter lease term if you cannot afford to opt for an office with long term prospects at the moment.

This post was written by Brittany Thorley, she works for Forsyth Business Centres, an office rental company that provides solutions for businesses looking for the perfect place to house their growing venture.

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