Leadpages Vs. Clickfunnels: Who is the Winner?

Once you have built your brand and created a website that represents it, you will want that all your hard work generates profits for you. For achieving this, you will feel the need to have an effective lead conversion tool called the landing pages. A landing page is a kind of a web page that leads customers to a specific product, offers or services and persuades them in taking an action. This enables a business owner to create customers and strengthen your customer base. These pages are generally click through that lead to another lead generation pages such as an e-commerce website. A well-designed landing page will convince a potential customer to provide their personal information in return for some services.

There are various landing page building tools that can be used to create an effective landing page, enabling you to redirect your customer’s attention to the products or services that you have in store for them.

However, here we will discuss two of them. They are Leadpages and Clickfunnels.

What is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a landing page building tool that uses the simple drag and drop functionality. It integrates with the Email Service Providers (ESPs) in order to capture leads for further lead growth. It is simple to use and takes no time in loading and churning out highly converting landing pages. It is helpful for all the novice as no coding knowledge is required. One awesome feature about LeadPages is it allows you to choose from a wide array of professional landing page templates. So, if you need high-converting templates for landing pages, sales pages, webinars etc. along with the purpose of building your email list faster, then LeadPages is your best choice.


What is Clickfunnels?

Like LeadPages, Clickfunnels is an equally amazing landing page building tool. It is easy to use and implement along with housing a lot of great built-in templates. The homepage possessed by Clickfunnel is a content-rich platform. There is a lot more than just landing pages that it has to offer. It enables you to create sales funnel in your system. In terms of designing landing pages, Clickfunnels may sound similar to LeadPages, but it has really amazing features beyond it too. The funnel templates will allow you to create and organize your entire sales funnel which will boost your conversions. The landing pages that are created using Clickfunnels is a part of a sales funnel.

After a brief description of both the landing page building tools, lets compare them on the basis of some below-mentioned aspects.

Template Designs

Both LeadPages and Clickfunnel offer a wide range of templates for landing pages, squeeze pages and opt-ins. All of them are very different from each other and are widely varied within each service. Leadpages templates are very popular and are widely used around the web. It allows you to add customizations to your website and give it a different look. Clickfunnel Templates are also very popolar. However, offering a direct comparison between the two is not an easy job. It will finally come down to individual requirements of your business. A template that works for someone might not fit into your business model.

Affiliate Programs

As you would expect, both the websites offer affiliate programs. However, Clickfunnels allows you to be an affiliate even without being a user. Apart from this, the people you refer will enable you to earn 35% of the lifetime purchases that are made by them. In the case of Leadpages, you can only be an affiliate if you are already a Pro member. In terms of the share, you only get 30%  with respect to Clickfunnels 35%. Clearly, here Clickfunnels is a winner over LeadPages. Their software is more expensive enabling you to get more out of each sale. They have a higher payout percentage and you need not pay like in LeadPages.


The third party integrations that LeadPages offers are very limited. It has integrations with webinar marketing suites and email management programs like MailChimp and aWeber. There is a Salesforce integration but only at the enterprise payment level. On the other hand, Clickfunnel offers all the integrations that are included by LeadPages along with a lot more. It has an integration of a host of payment options that includes Infusionsoft, ClickBank and Stripe. Clickfunnel emerges ahead here but it will depend on what software you are using and which integrations would prove to be beneficial for you.

Support System

Support will always remain a major concern while choosing any of internet market software. But these landing page building tools offer support services of their own. ClickFunnel will only offer priority phone support to their enterprise members along with the Priority template requests. All other accounts will only receive regular email support. However, LeadPages offers its members a little more support than ClickFunnel members. Regular members receive only emails and Pro members receive Live Chat and email support. Whereas, enterprise members receive email, live chat and phone support.


A difference in price can be an important factor, especially for small enterprises when two similar software are compared. It will come down to the features that you really want to possess. First, talking about LeadPages, it has three different packages by the name of Standard for $25, Pro for $40 and Enterprise for $67. An annual subscription is a smart choice for most businesses but they also have the monthly, annually and a two-year contract.

Like LeadPages, ClickFunnel also has three similar set of plans. They are personal, startup and enterprise. However, they offer only monthly subscriptions and you don’t have an additional option for an annual or bi-annual package. The personal version will cost you $37, the startup will cost $97 whereas the enterprise is priced at $ 297.

So, on the basis of the price only, LeadPages is the clear winner. Many small businesses won’t be able to afford $100 monthly for the same set of features that they can get elsewhere, that too at half the price.

Leadpages Pricing: https://www.leadpages.net/price-plans

Clickfunnel Pricing: https://www.clickfunnels.com/signupchart

Bottom Line

After discussing both the landing page building tools in details, it is hard to come to a conclusion. Both these tools offer the same set of attributes with minor tweaks here and there. It will come down to the features that will fulfill the business needs of the user. Pricing will also play an important factor in this.

Did I miss any important point that could have compared the two tools better?  If yes then your comments are welcome. Do let me know your views about the article in the comments section below.

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