The 5 Innovations Business people Need For Smart Travel

The 5 Innovations Business people Need For Smart Travel

Technology has allowed business travel to be easier than ever before. Innovations across the sector have made it safer to carry important documents, simpler to manage your electronic items and have generally streamlined the idea of business travel, whether you are crossing the country or taking a trip abroad. Here are five forward-thinking gadgets and services perfect for smart business travel:

Royce Freedom Wallet

Passports, cash, credit cards – these are all essential items when men and women travelling on business. They are items that you may need to keep on your person and – especially when business trips take you outside of the country – making sure these valuable items are secure is of the utmost importance. The intuitive and smart Royce Freedom Wallet allows for greater protection of these valuables. They are installed with Bluetooth technology so the wallet can be tracked via an app available for iOS and Android. So, for example, if you misplace the wallet, you will know exactly where it is. Know more about Lac De Villedon

DatAshur Personal

Men and women on business may be carrying sensitive information with them – for instance, documents one might be taking to share at a meeting. Having it on a disc, USB pen or laptop are not always be the most secure way of transporting these kinds of items. The most secure way, in fact, is datAshur Personal. It is a USB pen that includes a 5-7 number pin code which can be determined by the user. The device cannot be used, and the data stored on it cannot be accessed, without entering this code.

O2 Travel Alerts

Business trips outside of the country may occur at short notice, and when they do there is a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be completed beforehand (packing your luggage, booking a hotel, etc.). It can, therefore, be easy to forget to let your bank know that you will be out of the country. As a result, credit or debit cards may initially be declined which requires time-wasting (and completely unnecessary) conversations with your financial institution. The mobile network O2 has been teaming up with credit card company MBNA to offer a service, O2 Travel Alerts, which automatically notifies MBNA customers when they are in a different country when their device connects to a foreign telecoms network. O2 wants to roll this out further in the future, and if it does (and if other mobile networks follow their lead) it could be invaluable to business travellers.

NUA Robotics Smart Luggage

NUA Robotics debuted a terrific innovation for business travellers at CES at the beginning of 2016: a suitcase that its owner doesn’t need to pull around. Their smart luggage is fitted with technology that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When connected, the suitcase will be able to follow the user that means you no longer have to drag around your heavy bag and your hands are free to make calls, write emails or send text messages. If the suitcase is interfered with in any way it also has an anti-theft alarm.

Anker 5-Port USB Travel Charger

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, eReader – these are all electronics that people might wish to take with them when they go on a business trip. However, there are rarely enough plug sockets available at airports, hotels or conference rooms to keep them powered up simultaneously. This becomes increasingly problematic when you are in a different country where you need multiple adapters to keep your valuable electronics charged. The Ankler 5-port charger can be connected to anything by USB and has the ability to charge up to 5 different electronics. It makes it perfect for keeping all your items powered regardless of where you are.

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