Venture Capitalist Rising In India



“If you want to reap financial blessings, you have to sow financially.”

– Joel Osteen

To manage investments, engage more funds and resources, it is essential that the scenarios are supportive. The sector which involves and seeks for funds, must be promising enough to reap enough gains, or at least promise to do so.

The last few years, precisely to pen down from 2009 onwards, have seen a steady growth of more and more equity flowing in. The rise of  venture capitalist firms is something which cannot be undermined. The sectors ranging from consumer forums, online marketing, ecommerce, online retail, software enterprises, health care and more. All these sectors have seen a great boom in their financial layout. The big point of consideration is, the funds flowing in. It is usually ‘funded and raised’ capital, which is of great appreciation for venture capitalists.

If we talk about numbers, $630 million was the gross total raised in 2014, which is miniscule as compared to $8.5 billion coming in from private equity. But the amount is definitely higher than what it was in the previous years. Many Venture capitalist firms are now openly committing to the task of raising funds and equity, with major shares in open market. The latest in the run can be a mention about Flipkart, which is now a huge part of this fund raising momentum. This is a continuous story from 2014 onwards, with over $1 billion raised for Indian startups up-till now.

The rise of venture capitalists actually is the frontrunner for backing up new and out-of-the box ideas. Encouraging new entrepreneurs to experiment more, and take the idea global. This surge of activity has greatly supported new technological companies and their vision on an international level. Indian pool of intelligence is the most sought after human resource worldwide. Be it Silicon Valley or any other hub. Hence the rise on the fore front is a sure shot milestone in the success parameter.

New ideas, new vision, and a brighter future. This seems to be the ‘mantra’ for taking the idea global and to aid funding. Increased funding is a boon to new entrepreneurs, who can now drive the motive of technology without compromising on the quality aspect. This is clearly relevant when it comes to mobile technology and the recent internet boom. It has been cascaded upon the economy surge pretty well. More start-ups are now approaching these firms for investments, which further contributes to this surge, like a demand – supply set-up. An idea becomes one, if you implement it. Otherwise everybody thinks. Any investor will seek for your dedication and involvement with your vision before investing in it. But there is no second thought about the fact that more and acknowledged firms are diving into the pool day-by-day, for raising funds and contributing equity to boom the business sector of India. We are arriving!



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