5 Reasons Why eLearning in Startups is Beneficial

Keeping a business successful is a growing challenge. The solution is with employees who can take advantage of new technologies and strategies. In a large corporation getting the necessary training to stay on the cutting edge is easy. But for startups – who rely on limited staffing and resources – keeping everyone on the same page is too time consuming. Traditional seminars and training meetings simply don’t cut it. Instead, eLearning is the way to go. With a learning management system (LMS) you can improve training and get staff updated in a fraction of the time and resources. Not convinced? Here are five great ways an LMS can help with your startup today:

Training Regardless of Location

Regardless how many employees you have making sure everyone is on the same page with company policies and procedures is important. With an LMS employees have access to the same training materials no matter their job title or location. This is especially useful for companies with freelancers or other employees who telecommute. By utilizing an LMS you won’t have to gather everyone in a single room to ensure training is completed.

 Faster Training for New Hires

Every startup eventually needs to bring more people onboard to keep up with growing customer demands. Utilizing an LMS can significantly improve the process of getting new employees onto the same page with current staff. Young professionals just breaking into the workforce particularly find eLearning useful as they may not be up to speed with a formal work atmosphere. Using an eLearning module can also get new employees caught up without the need to devote extra resources specifically for new hire training.

 Complete Training on a Flexible Schedule

Many training platforms are designed to be accessed at any time by employees. This can be a huge benefit to startups with demanding production schedules. Instead of being forced to slow down operations so everyone is available for training, employees can access eLearning modules in their own time when it best fits into their individual schedule. Production timetables then remain intact and you don’t have to prioritize between client needs and company needs.

 An Easier Way to Gain New Skills

New technology and methods are being created all the time; no matter what industry you are in. With an eLearning module you can customize and update lesson plans to reflect these new innovations so it is easier for employees to learn new skill sets. This not only helps employees take advantage of new technologies but is a huge cost saving measure since it allows your company’s training to evolve without having to purchase new systems.

Understand the Needs of Employees

With an LMS you won’t just be helping your employees, but management as well. Modules can track employee understanding of materials, so supervisors can gain insights into where training gaps are or which materials come across as redundant. Supervisors can also better gauge what areas need to be focused on when bringing on new employees or which methods can be consolidated or dropped to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

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Rohit Bhargava has been involved in SEO and website auditing for over seven years. He is very passionate about his work and does his best to find creative solutions to business-related problems. When he’s not working, Rohit enjoys reading articles about tech development. Connect with Rohit on Google+ and Facebook.

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