Women at work: No looking back

The world is incomplete without women and no one can deny this fact. Modern day woman has proved it. The 21st-century woman is not only shouldering the financial responsibilities with her husband by taking up a job but also handling her role of a wife and mother excellently well at home. History is proof to witness the progress of women. In the past, where the feminine class was restricted to the services at home, today she has stepped out of the house and has made a mark in all the fields be it science, medicine, agriculture, teaching, sports, fashion, or even space. It seems the sky is the only limit for her.


Womenfolk, when at work, no doubt faces more challenges than menfolk. But their undying spirit makes them move ahead and they refuse to stop. Women are expected to take care of the house and prepare food suitable for the whole family. They are also responsible for bringing up their kids and inculcate morals and good habits in them. However, it is debatable if working mothers can fulfill this role. Is it possible to devote quality time to your family while facing the pressure of completing project deadlines at work? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Today’s woman is handling her role as an employee as well as a mother well. She understands her responsibilities well and is taking the help of time management techniques. Fortunately, their partners are being considerate and helping their wives in coping with household responsibilities as well as work pressure.

Even though the globe has a lesser percentage of women, the achievements are divided equally. Many times, like in America, work is something not questionable. Women, there are comparatively more modern, work is a must. The woman cannot sit idle; she is the symbol of power. There is no dispute over it. We often come across women who are leaders in their respective fields. They enjoy working, they enjoying being independent. Work grants them financial freedom, which every woman wants. Still, this doesn’t give them a reason to neglect their personal life. They balance personal and professional life well.

Another challenge modern working woman faces is sexual harassment and discrimination at work. Though this is a sensitive issue, lots of company’s laws protect women from any kind of harassment in the workplace. Women, who are facing such problems, ensure that they get justice. It is seldom seen that they keep silent. Once again they prove their strong will not to give up and fight for the right cause. So the whole world has women, women stepping up and setting benchmarks.

Conclusion: The main noticeable thing is ‘change’; both in men and women. Some women have made such a remark in their respective field that they have set an example for others, same goes for men. There is the whole list of remarkable women who set an example in front of the world and are still remembered for their contribution to society. The women will not stop; this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.

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