10 Different Ways of Dealing with Angry Customers in a Call Centre Industry This 2016

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At some point of time each and every one of us would have to deal with an angry customer no matter what business we are dealing with. And the challenge here is to handle the situation in such a way that would leave the customers with a thing that you are operating a great company. If you are lucky enough you could then encourage him or her to serve as a passionate advocate for your brand. Given below are the seven different ways you could deal with angry customers in a call centre industry this 2016.

Listening and Understanding: While dealing with a call centre industry it’s always good to listen to your clients and customers, as they would be concerned about the major aspects of your business. Let’s go of the temptation in order to respond in any quick fashion. So take time to listen and understand what has been driving the concern.

Communicating on regular basis: Have your client updated on regular basis if the problem cannot be solved straight away. They would only turn out to become irritated if they do not know what has been happening, so stay connected and explain how you have been tackling the problem.

Asking questions in a concerned and caring manner: The more and more information your customer gets while they are dealing with you, the more better would you understand his or her perspective in a better manner. I have learned to ask questions than to jump on conclusions.

Placing yourself in the shoes of your customer: As a business owner your goal is to solve the problems of your customer and not argue. You need to make your customers feel like you are on his or her side empathizing the situation.

Offering a solution to their problem: Offer a solution to the problem your customers have been facing. In this regard always try and focus on what you could do as opposed and what you cannot. There is always a solution. It may not be exactly what they have been looking out for, but if you focus on what you can do versus denying their request remedy you have still offered a solution having another option is sufficient to remedy the situation.

Executing the solution: Try to solve the problem of your customers on time, be it with their originally requested resolution or an alternative that you have generally proposed.

Serious complaints: If you have tried to solve the problem of your customers without success, then it is the right time to call in the third party such as legal advisor who could offer them with a solution giving them a new perspective on the problem that they have been facing.

Discovering the reasons: As well as solving the problem here and now, it does become very important to understand why it happened and how it could be avoided in the future. Have a note of all the lessons learnt and see what you could do in order to change your processes ensuring that it does not happen again.

Being positive: Try and take an optimistic approach towards the problem your customers have been facing, and focus on what you could do rather than what you cannot do in solving their problem.

Thinking of your business: Whilst you have been dealing with a complaint showing a genuine concern with your clients and customers. This could in turn help to turn the entire situation into a positive outcome helping the future business dealings and ultimately aiding your reputation as a company.

There is no other way of getting around customer complaints regardless of your industry. However by employing these steps and taking time to review the issue with your clients and customers you could then turn their challenges into something constructive.

About the Author

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.


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