Can I Make Use of the Rewards Program of Each One of My Three Credit Cards?

To answer the question in the title, of course you can. In fact, many people often sign up for one or multiple credit cards only in order to receive the rewards associated with them. The practice of benefiting from the sign-up bonuses of multiple cards is called card churning, and is often enough of an incentive in itself to apply for more than one card. Credit card companies know this fact well, and so include incentives like thousands of airline miles or a discount on the day’s purchase as sign-up bonuses. And every time you spend using your American Express card, you can redeem your Amex membership rewards. It’s conceivable, then, to have three such cards in order to make increased use of these reward programs.

Credit card churning thus has something in common with using multiple cards for their rewards programs. In both cases, it’s important to keep track of your personal finances. The question of whether you should own more than one card for their rewards largely depends on whether or not your credit score is high and your debt (or propensity for debt) is low. If your credit is excellent, you’re in a better position to take advantage of multiple credit cards. You’ll also have to be willing to pay a good chunk of annual fees to earn those rewards. If this is not such a problem for you, or if you’re a frequent flyer, this is possibly a good option for you.

If you want to get 3 credit cards, you can group applications together on one single day so that the impact on your score is minimized. Alternatively, you could also only apply when you see an offer that you find exceptional, and then manage the spending required to earn rewards on them. As long as your debt is in check and you pay on time, this is definitely something you can consider. And you can always shop around for better deals.

How do I consolidate all of my Points so I can Access Them Easily?

There is a wealth of tools online that can help you access and manage all of your loyalty programs grouped together in a single place with just one login. Points Bank is one such tool that allows you to view these programs, and also gives you more choices regarding point redemption against services that are travel based. Tools like these let you connect your loyalty programs so you can see the balance of each program along with updates and a detailed activity statement.

Additionally, it can be difficult to secure an award ticket, which is why tools like these can help clients redeem points from the American Express or other credit cards. In fact, they can also help you get the travel dates and destinations you desire!

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