Visit 4 Amazing Eateries Of Pondy


On your next tour to Pondicherry, not only visit its landmarks but also indulge in some great cuisine. The charming Pondy is a delight to the travellers. Here is a list of 4 great eateries of Pondy.

The peaceful and the beautiful Pondicherry is always a great option for a relaxing holiday. With a touch of the French and Tamil cultures, Pondicherry is a wonderful mix. Pondy do have that magic to hold you back and create a home-like feeling. There are enough to discover in Pondy and the place offer more than enough to its guests. The peaceful and positive vibes make the place a solace.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, French quarter and some charming beaches are its main fame to claim. Well, Pondicherry witness a large number of each year. Being a Union Territory, the town has undergone a huge development and the number of accommodations like lodges, guest houses and hotels in Pondicherry have increased. A tour to this place is not an expensive one provided you plan properly. Backpackers or a journey with friends can be equally an enjoyable one.

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The town often surprises the visitors with new aspects. The city attracts a large number tourist during the Indo-French Festival. It is a grand as well as a beautiful festival which involve people of both the culture. This festival portrays the uniqueness of Pondy. With this official celebration, the Indo-French culinary week draws the attention of many enthusiasts. Every year, the Pondy officials organise this event.

So, when you are in Pondicherry, one thing is clear that you will enjoy some great cuisine. Some offer an amazing mix of Tamil-French food while other serves a delight of North Indian dishes in this Southern territory. In this article, you will find 4 delicious yummy places in Pondy which serve you the best.

1) Roma’s Kitchen: Roma shifted here in the mid-80s with her mother. Near Auroville, with quite low on prices, Roma serve you some extremely mouth watering North Indian dishes. Maa ki Dal, Parathas, Palak Paneer, Garlic Spinach are some must try here. Enjoy your meal amidst the green, the well decorated and good serve Roma’s Kitchen is a popular eatery in Auroville.

2) Mason and Co: How could it possible that you are visiting the little French in India and not tasting something from Manson and Co. It is a chocolate factory run by a French couple Fabien and Jane Mason. As it written on their shop’s nameplate, “Craftsmen of Chocolate” truly they are. They produce some fine organic chocolate. There are 8 kinds of chocolate bars and all are exotic in taste.

3) La Terrace: Spend a day with some great salads, sandwiches and desserts at La Terrace the cafe above the Solar Kitchen which cook their dishes with Solar energy. Dining here can be an interesting part of your trip. It is also a good place to learn about the community and enjoy the local musicians and artist.

4) Tanto Pizzeria: Terrific wood fired pizzas are their speciality. Legendary pizzas run by an Italian gentlemen, Tanto will leave you craving for more. With a healthy mix of local and tourists, Tanto offers some very delicious range of vegetarian pizza. This is the must one skip place when you are in Auroville.

The best way to reach Pondy is by road from Chennai. However, for a different experience you can try train journey as well. There are trains to Pondy, you just need to check the appropriate train from your station, browse through Indian Railway for information on the train to Pondicherry.


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