Dalhousie, a Beautiful Town Offering Most Relaxing Holidays


Summary: Dalhousie is one of the best hill stations in the nation. Bestowed by the blessings of nature and being the hub of many thrill activities, it is one fine destination to spend a relaxing, refreshing holiday.
Body: Of the various beautiful quaint hill towns in the nation, Dalhousie is one that stands amongst the most popular ones. Established and primarily developed by the British, it is still a town that oozes the old world charm and the unmatched beauty of the nature. Far from the glamour of modernization, the town still lives in the old world, making it almost unspoiled and unpolluted. However, the market area is one place in the town that couldn’t stay untouched by modernization. Today, it is the beating heart of the town consisting of shops, restaurants, and a couple of public places.
Located in the verdant regions of the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie in all terms is a little heaven on Earth. The sky here at night is the clearest making star-gazing one of the most popular activities among the locals and tourist. Dalhousie is a pretty tranquil place, perfect for meditation, Yoga, retreat, and spend some quite time while being surrounded by the gems of the nature. Lofty ridges capped by thick forests, deep valleys, tangled jungles consisting large and diverse species of flora and fauna, waterfalls, and rivulets etc. are the physical attributes of the town to be relished. Sightseeing is perhaps the most prime reason for tourists to head to this little town. Dalhousie is one of the places in the nation where one can simply kick-back and unwind, relish appetizing culinary cuisines and fine tea, and go horse riding, or river rafting, trekking, or hitchhiking etc.

Dalhousie is also popular for being the hub of actions. The dominating hills of the town demand immediate action. There exists a net of trekking trails in the hills of the town not just bringing out the best out of the thrill seekers, but also taking them to some amazing places. The winters here are quite popular among the thrill seekers. It is during the winters that the upper parts of the town get capped by thick layer of snow, making the perfect conditions for several winter sport actions, like skiing, snow skating and boarding etc. Besides, if one has some leisure time to spare, checking out the colorful shops, eating at the local restaurants, and buying some lovely souvenirs are the things to take pleasure of. The Tibetan market is one fine place to spend some leisure time. A couple of places to visit in Dalhousie that are simply not to be missed include: Upper Bakrota, Dainkund Walk, Alah Water Tank, Khajjiar, Subhash Chowk, Chamba, Kalatop wild life reserve, and Ganji Pahadi Walk.

Focusing on the accommodation, of all the various attributes of Dalhousie, the accommodation is one major attribute. There exist all types of hotels in Dalhousie. Although, most hotels belong to mid-range or budget category. But, one can also find luxury hotels as well as cheap hotels. Grace Mount Hotel, Hotel Mount View, Snow Valley Resorts, Alps Spa Resort, The Manimahesh – HPTDC, and Grand View Hotel are some of the highly rated hotels in the town, which are the ideal stay options for all, while in the town.

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