Perfect Places in Mumbai to Have a Hearty Parsi Meal


With a populace of under 100,000, Parsis are one of the littlest, however, is the most powerful groups in India. Talking of Parsis and their food, one of the essential parts of preparing conventional customary Parsi dishes, is the incorporation of seven heavenly things: vinegar, sprouts, dry product of the Lotus plant called senjed, apple, a sweet smooth pudding called samanu, garlic and sumac berries. Mumbai is likewise one of only a handful few spots in the nation that has more than a modest bunch of eateries that serve delectable Parsi food and you just can’t get enough of these.

So if you have just got down from a Surat to Mumbai train for an urgent business meeting, and also happen to be a Parsi or a foodie of any sorts, then buddy, Mumbai is home to the country’s best collection of Parsi food and restaurants. Care to explore?

  1. Britannia & Co.

Owned and run by Boman Kohinoor, Britannia & Co. is Mumbai’s most revered and sought after eateries ever. While here, do dig into treats like the Muttom Kheema Pav, Mutton Berry Pulao, Fish Patra, Sali Boti, along with Spicy Ginger beverage and Rosy Raspberry. For a wholesome supper, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the Caramel Custard and Chocolate Mousse. Already drooling?

2. Ideal Corner

Another famous Irani Cafe in Mumbai is the Ideal Corner, situated in the heart of south Bombay. As a matter of fact, many years back, it was a motorbike carport which was later transformed into a restaurant. The Ideal Corner is well known for the Jerdaloo Salli Ghosh, which involves lamb cooked with apricots and presented with pan fried potato bits. Actually an “Ideal” place.

3. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Soda Bottle Opener Wala is an eatery that was started by AD and Sabina Singh who have not only redefined some incredible Parsi cafes, but have also held up on the authentic, and old world Parsi appeal in all of them, with food being the top priority. Irani and Parsi specialities like Mutton Berry Pulao, Salli Mutton, Kheema Pao, Wrestler’s Omelet, Dhansak and Prawn Patio will be seen served here. The idiosyncratic mood of the eatery adds an added bit of goodness to the overall experience.

4. Cafe at NCPA

Situated in South Bombay’s National Center for Performing Arts, the Cafe at NCPA is controlled by culinary expert and restaurateur Farrokh Khambata. If you happen to visit this cafe on Navroz, then you can see an exceptional supper smorgasbord displayed alongside a Parsi Bhonu menu. It is recommended to book a table in advance. Some of the best dishes that you can opt for in here are Zereshk, Patra ni Kolmi and Parsi Masala Dal.

5. Jimmy Boy

Jimmy Boy serves authentic Parsi food that will simply leave you craving for more. Much better if you visit this place for Navroz, so that you can dig into the choicest menu prepared which can consist of Chicken Farcha, one of the most sought after Parsi dishes around, Dhan Dar Fish Patio, Lagan nu Bhonu, Berry Pulao, a blend of dal and rice with prawns in a sweet and fiery sauce. So as soon as your Surat to Mumbai train reaches its destination, it is suggested to forget everything, and hit this or the other similar places soonest.

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