Most Captivating Tourists Spots In Alaska, You Must Visit.

Alaska certainly has the wherewithal to overwhelm any tourist. If you are planning a vacation in Alaska this year, you would have certainly searched about the places to visit in Alaska a number of times on the internet.

Here is a list of top 8 must visit places in Alaska that will put all your queries to rest:

1. Katmai National Park:

Most of the tourists come to Alaska expecting to see a bear, yet most of them return disappointed. This is because bears prefer to remain aloof and not appear in front of humans. However, Katmai National Park guarantees you a photograph with a brown bear due to its highest population of brown bears in the world. A word of caution: beware of their sharp claws and teeth as they are mighty sharp.

2. Alaska Native Heritage Centre:

Alaska is home to over 200 Native Tribal entities. This must visit Alaskan attraction displays art and artifacts of the tribes of Alaska. It also displays activities such as parka sewing, drumming and blanket tossing.

3. Mt McKinley:

Mt McKinley is the highest peak in North America with a height of 20,320 feet and is frequently called Denali by Alaskans which happens to be its original name. There are more than a dozen places between Fairbanks and Anchorage that claim a picturesque view of Mt McKinley. All the places within 100 miles of the mountain are actually good viewing areas. The mountain being very large produces its own weather patterns and may be obscured even when the sky is clear otherwise. If you do not get to see it for any of such reasons, feel happy that you have been in the company of greatness and do not be disappointed.

4. Denali National Park:

This is indeed one of the most visited tourist destination in the state. This region can be experienced by a safari, bus, hike, saddle, and raft or by a flightseeing tour. The park road is paved for the first 15 miles but beyond those 15 miles, the visitors must get on a bus or see the rest of the park on foot. No matter what is your choice of adventure, Denali provides you with a wonderful experience.

5. Mendenhall Glacier:

Juneau, the capital of Alaska is surrounded by ice and water and you can reach there either by a boat or a plane. It is appreciated best by flying over the ice fields outside the city and visiting the Mendenhall glacier. This gigantic glacier is barely 13 miles from downtown Juneau and is right outside the city. It is almost 13 miles long which is roughly the same distance that it itself is from Juneau.

6. The inside passage:

If you have arrived in Alaska by means other than a cruise ship, make sure you undertake a ferry trip along the deepest fjord in the entire North America. The trip to Skagway from Juneau can be for as long as 6 hours which depends on the kind of ferry you have chosen. The tall peaks that surround the boats release hundreds of waterfalls resulting from glacial and snow melts. You may get to see dolphins and humpbacks as well.

7. Museum of the North in Fairbanks:

This museum is located in the campus of University of Alaska Fairbanks and is one of the world class museums that have a number of exhibits of Alaska’s history, culture and art on display. The Gallery of Alaska covers all regions of the state and addresses both natural as well as human history. This gallery includes an enthralling display of gold and gold nuggets besides mammoths and mastodons. The Alaska Classics Art Gallery displays historical paintings and the Rose Berry Alaska art Gallery focuses on Alaskan art. You cannot afford to miss the movie on Aurora Borealis in the North’s Theater in the museum.

8. The Klondike Gold Rush Museum:

The Klondike Gold Rush episode of 1898 was a colorful episode in Alaskan history. The major visitor center for Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is located in Skagway although it has a number of units scattered across Alaska. The center features a captivating film on the horrible hardships and infrequent triumphs of the men and women who formed a part of the gold rush. It focuses mainly on those who crossed Skagway over the Chilkoot Pass. After watching the film, you can take a ranger led tour to downtown Skagway to see many gold rush era buildings.

These 8 places must form a part of your itinerary to make your trip to Alaska a memorable one.

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