4 Ideas That Will Help Make Your Family’s Next Vacation Unique & Memorable

Your family vacation offers a way for everyone to spend time together. You don’t have to worry about work, school or chores that need to be done around the house. Even if it’s a short trip over the course of a day or two, there are several vacation ideas that will deliver the same feeling of being together and relaxing. Follow a few tips that will help you create a memorable family experience so that you can treasure the time for the rest of your life.

Get To Your Destination

One of the things that you will probably think about when it comes to your vacation is how you’re going to get there. You could drive, but that means being in a cramped car for the duration of the drive, the kids wanting to get out to stretch and possibly bickering among the kids. Consider getting a private plane, such as those with Silverhawk Aviation, so that someone else gets you to your destination while you relax with the family. Renting a plane also means that you’ll reach your destination faster and that you won’t put wear and tear on your vehicle.

Explore Other Cultures

A fun way to introduce kids to other cultures and the history of other people is to visit another country. Make sure you have all of the proper documents that are needed to enter the country before you leave. Take plenty of pictures while in the country. Another idea would be to make a scrapbook with some of the menus or other papers that you get in the country so that you can remember the experience.

“Of course, you want to make sure that your entire vacation isn’t spent behind the camera, focused on taking the perfect Instagram picture and not truly taking in everything that there is to see. You actually want to experience where you’re at! If you’re in Mexico, for example, you may want to find a cheap place to stay in Puerto Vallarta” or whatever city you’ll be staying in. To stick with the Puerto Vallarta example, you could explore the local religion and history by visiting The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe or the Navy museum. If you have an older member of your family or a nanny to watch the kids, you could even indulge in the local night life and go to a tequila tasting. After all, Puerto Vallarta is in the state of Jalisco, the tequila capitol of the world! Wherever you’re at with your family on vacation, just make sure that you allow all of your senses to truly explore your surroundings.”

Take a Friend

Sometimes, kids don’t like going on a vacation if there won’t be anyone their age there. Ask a friend to go on the trip with you so that your child will have someone to talk to in the vehicle, in the hotel room and when you might want to take a nap. Taking a friend along can sometimes mean more exercise and enjoyment from the vacation, offering a way for the child to remember it better in the future. This friend could either be one of yours or, to make it more special, your children’s.

Choose a Theme

Instead of just going to the beach or going to a large city for your vacation, choose a theme. It could be one that involves water or one that involves Mexican food and decorations. Base the locations you travel to on that theme. When you’re visiting attractions and talking to people in the area, keep information about the theme so that you can use it to make a booklet. Make a new booklet for each themed vacation that you take.

Spending time with the family on a vacation is relaxing, but if you’re going on the same trip all the time, it can be boring at times. Explore a few options for traveling and visiting another state or country. Find ways to make memories that are fun at the same time, such as a scrapbook or video.

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