Whole world wants to see them: Hottest Destinations in world

Hottest Destinations in world

The most tempting thing to do when you are blessed with a long weekend is a romantic getaway with your loved ones or a fun trip with friends or family. If it is vacation time for your kids, they’d love nothing more than traveling off to fun filled places. The very prospect of leaving your work and routine behind briefly and going away for a while sounds so attractive. Doesn’t it? The world seems to agree with you, as most people around it love taking time off to travel to far off destinations. You would have already made a list of your ‘must-visit’ heavens. Sneak a peek at those destinations the world is going crazy about. You might just want to add them to your list.


Paris, the capital of this country is perhaps the most visited destination. Therefore, it comes as no surprise for Parisians to find themselves lost amongst throngs of tourists. Paris houses one of the eight wonders of the world – the Eiffel Tower. During the day, Paris feels like a perfume bottle and at night, it feels like a bottle of champagne. France is a land of fashion, cheese and wine. It boasts an exciting night life too and if you are a shopaholic, you would have your bags brimming with goodies by the time you come back home. The Louvre,Lac De VilledonPalace of Versailles and the Mona Lisa are the other must-see in the country.


Spain comes alive after 10 pm and so, if you are a late bird, Spain is the perfect place for you. It is the mother land for famous artists like Goya, Picasso and Miro. It offers a holiday with a perfect blend of culture and climate: the classical cities, numerous museums and beautiful and long coastlines. The festival of tomatoes, La Tomatina is a fun thing to celebrate here. The adrenaline pumping bullfighting is another thing to be a part of, in Spain.


As USA is one of the most happening countries in the world. It has something for everyone and that’s the specialty of America. Music, sport, history, cuisine, wildlife, beaches, night life  you name it, you get it. The 50 year old theme park, Disney Land in LA still has numerous visitors, till date. The movie buffs could just go for a flying visit through Hollywood. New attractions are always coming up in this country and each time you visit, it is brand new.


China is becoming more popular by the day. Shanghai, Bangkok, Beijing are some of the best holiday spots in China. The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest historical places to visit. China is also an abode of great history, arts, sports and also a witness of high-end technological advancement.


The very name of this country might bring to your mind the lip-smacking pizzas and pastas. Apart from the mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine, the country has many more cultural and natural attractions to offer. Italy, and especially its capital Rome, is one of the most ancient cities, whose history goes way back. Therefore, it is famous for historical monuments like the Coliseum, Castle Saint’ Angelo, The Pantheon and so on. The Vatican City in Italy is one of the sacred places in Christendom.

United Kingdom:

UK offers both the modern-world attractions, as well as, age-old traditional English flavors. It is a land of great historical value, a haven of art galleries, historical monuments and palaces. It also offers breath-taking natural scenic beauties. London, Essex, Bedford are some places to visit here. Scottish tradition and beauty is something that you can’t afford to miss.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong’s most popular attraction is called The Peak, which offers a spectacular view of the entire city and beyond. The Giant Buddha is the largest outdoor Buddha statue ever made. Victoria Harbor offers one of the most awe-inspiring experiences ever.


Mexico houses beautiful beaches, amazing colonial architecture, historical sites and one of the tastiest cuisines. It offers both untouched natural beauty and sophisticated resorts. It also boasts rich cultural traditions. Chichen Itza, a prominent historical site Tulum beach and Copper Canyon, a network of canyons which, when joined together would beat even the Grand Canyon are some of the places that you can visit in Mexico.


Germany enjoys a rich historical importance in the world and offers some of the best natural beauties in the world. The Black Forest has large virgin valleys and woods, where many fairy tales have originated. Heidelberg is said to reflect the true romance in Germany. It has castles and towers, amidst which, the river Nectar gracefully flows.


Austria too is a place of great historical importance. It offers excellent sightseeing opportunities. Largest accessible ice caves, Eisriesenwelt Caves is a place that you cannot just miss. Krimml Falls, considered one of the best tourist spots in the country, is the site to be explored during winter.

With so many exciting destinations and beauties, if you feel like packing your bags right now, you are on the right track. Traveling is one of the best ways to let off steam and you are on the right path. Go ahead and enjoy your vacation!



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