Top most expensive holiday destinations

It must have taken ages for humans to have finally come up with a copy of the design of this world as conceived by God compressed into a piece of paper, resembling something which we have come to know as a world map. But it’s kind of funny how today everyone has got a version of their own and the one we are talking about is just perfect for those who don’t mind dishing out the bucks when it comes to packing off to the holiday destination of their choice.
Here’s a map that we have prepared for you which is all about the top Most Luxurious Hotels in the World.

1. Tahiti, French Polynesia
Tahiti, French Polynesia
This island also nicknamed by its admirers as “the land of the double rainbow” or” the gathering place” is a paradise in the heart of French Polynesia where life is one big party amidst the marvelous sand and beach bars of its luxurious hotels. This Queen of the Pacific has charmed tourists from around the world with its magic who have never shied away from admitting that they have put in their money in the right place

2. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi features right at the top of the list for everyone who’s got a thing for doing it in king style and you can imagine what this city has to offer when you know that here you can actually sleep on a golden bed in a golden hotel. There is definitely something surreal about this place where every secret desire of yours can be fulfilled.

3. Capri Island, Italy
Capri Island, Italy
Right from the moment one sets foot on this island which was once a sought after place for the noble Romans, the beauty and grandeur of this fantasy amongst the rocks is sure to captivate. It is absolutely magical to be out here to be amongst the ancient ruins coupled with its mesmerizing natural beauty.

4. Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
The world’s favorite honeymoon destination with its stunning beauty is located in the southern part of Switzerland near the border with France.

5. Paris, France
Paris, France
The ultimate romantic capital of the world is all about lights, great architecture and fantastic cuisines. It is probably one of the most famous places in the world which is home to the Cannes film festival and great place to be in.
So next time when you start planning for a holiday and get confused as to where to put your money on make sure you do go through this list which can be like a map for you to explore new places in grand fashion.

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