Tip for Creating the Perfect Feng Shui Bathroom

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According to the ancient Chinese practice, Feng shui, everything in a person’s surrounding environment affects his or her inner life. Namely, the practitioners believe that if you place a certain object in a room or a building it will affect the flow of essential energy, called chi, within that space. With the good chi flowing, comes more positive energy. For those who consider following the Feng shui practice, we’ve prepared a few basic rules you should follow in order to have the good energy flow in your bathroom.

Bathroom Door

You can easily uplift the energy in the bathroom if you keep the bathroom door constantly closed. As you may, or may not know, the toilet possesses the largest opening in an entire house, which makes it the biggest money drainer in your home. Furthermore, because of the flushing mechanism the energy is strongly sucked out of the home every day. Therefore, in order to prevent the money and energy from going down the drain, keep the toilet seat down and the door closed. The more unobtrusive the position of the toilet, the better. If possible, place the toilet in a separate room away from the sink and shower. This way you’ll prevent the large amount of energy going out of the home through all those openings.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are perfect for bathrooms, since they circulate and accelerate the energy. Nevertheless, make sure that the mirror doesn’t reflect the toilet, any clutter, door, or another mirror because this will multiply the dirty energy. Additionally, a mirror shouldn’t cut off the head of a person that’s looking into it. Finally, make sure you lean the mirrors regularly so that the energy can circulate properly through the bathroom.

Let There Be Light

Sunlight and fresh air are always welcome inside the home, so make sure you have a window on the bathroom wall so that the air and light can come in freely. Since the bathroom is the place of the biggest water circulation, it’s often damp and musty. Therefore, the fresh air is perfect for drying out the humid. If you can’t install a window, have a lighting fixture with full-spectrum bulbs. They will mimic the natural light and increase healthy energy.

Bathroom Colours

In order to minimize the negative bathroom chi try to adjust the colour scheme of the bathroom. A red or black rug would be perfect to prevent the loss of money. Furthermore, grey, pale blue, cream and beige are excellent colour choices for the bathroom walls. Bathrooms that are positioned in the centre of the home will have the best energy if they’re painted in red.  What’s more, each corner of the bathroom should contain a statue, vase, pottery, crystal, or a large stone because they represent the earth element, and would provide the great balance for strong water elements. Therefore, be ready for some bathroom renovations if you’d like to create a positive energy in your bathroom.

Squeaky Clean

It’s imperative that the bathroom is always spotless, in order for the energy to circulate properly. Feel free to decorate it with some candles, soothing artwork, and flowers, in order to create a spa-like ambiance. Furthermore, it’s crucial that every item in the bathroom is in its own place, and that there’s absolutely no clutter. Creating a good hygiene is vital for having a good energy in the room that will bring good health and more money to the home. Additionally, make sure all the faucets are repaired and prevent any leaks. If the shower curtains are torn, replace them as soon as possible.

Overall, maintaining a good energy flow is the most important thing with Feng shui. It takes minimum effort, and it brings fabulous results. Therefore, follow the previous suggestions and never worry about health or money problems.





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