Tips for First-time Home Buyers Decorate on a Budget

Having a place to call your own is a notion that is nearly impossible to top. However, from financial standpoint, this is not something that can be quite exhausting. Not only is buy houses expensive, but there is a great chance that the home you buy won’t be move-in ready. This usually means that it will lack some basic furniture or be completely empty. On the other hand, even if it has a bathroom, kitchen and a mattress on the floor, this is hardly suitable for a place that you intend on calling home. Because of this, here are some tips and tricks that will help first-time home buyers decorate on a budget.

Painting your walls


First of all, you need to start by covering your room’s largest surfaces in the color that you see most fit. Unfortunately, hiring commercial painters to do so is usually quite expensive, which is why you need an alternative if you aim to stay on budget. You can always go for the wallpaper, which is a cheaper but not necessarily visually inferior option. Still for those strongly determined to go with paint, there is another way. You can always learn how to paint on your own. This is not quite that hard and all you will need is basic painting gear and some will. Finally, if you are on a really tight budget, no one said that you have to paint all the walls. Painting just one is also an option, and a completely viable one at that.

Prioritizing furniture

Now, before you even begin buying, you will have to set a certain budget. This means that you will have a finite amount of money to spend on your furniture. Luckily, not every furniture piece is equally important which gives you a chance to prioritize. For example, when buying a bed or a sofa, this is not where you want to save some money. Seeing how this kind of investment you most likely won’t repeat for at least several years, you need to do this right. As with any other furniture pieces, you need to keep in mind that it should satisfy two criterions. First one is that it fits right in with your home and the second one is that it is comfortable enough.

Explore your options


There is a trick however, that will help you save quite a bit of money. Namely what most people do when buying furniture is just go to the salon and pay the full price. However, you can always find an alternative way of obtaining furniture like going to garage sales or visiting flea markets. Sure, these furniture pieces won’t always be in an admirable state, but you can restore them and get the same  effect as if you bought them in a store, only for half the price. Finally, you could also buy some beautiful rugs online and in this way not only get a better price but also a wider selection to choose from.

DIY to save the day


We talked about all the ways in which you can buy your furniture, but we forgot to mention that you can also make it on your own. Simply watch some tutorials, get some wooden pallets and start making your dream living room come to life. There are so many incredible ideas out there and all you will need is to find out which ones suit you the most. Apart from being quite financially beneficial, this method of furnishing your home is also extremely fun.

At the end of the day, by demonstrating some resourcefulness, you can easily bridge the gap in your budget that was made by purchasing the home. Even though in the ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about money while decorating, having enough creativity and imagination is most definitely the next best thing.


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