While many of us especially the elderly will rely on lawn mowing services, for the able bodied lawnmowing can be a bit of exercise and mowing your own lawn can be rewarding, if you want to get the best lawn mower for you, what you need depends on the garden or area that you will be regularly mowing. Below are the factors you must consider.
The size of your garden
This is the most important thing you have to do, evaluate the size of your yard. This will help you in determining the type of lawn mower you will have to get and the whether you get a small, medium or large mower. Getting the size of your yard you have to measure the length and width of the yard then multiply the two to get the area.
The slope of your garden
If you’ve got a garden on a gentle or generally nearly flat area you should only need a push or walk – behind mower. Otherwise if you’ve got a yard on a hill slope you will need a mower that can get you up the hill and that is self-propelled or for a very large property a ride on mower. If it’s too steep or bumpy then it’s too dangerous to use a ride on mower and you will have to fall back to a self-propelled model.
Power source of the mower
The source of the power of the mower is either petrol or electric. Quality petrol powered mowers are normally a bit more expensive and mostly are best used for large sized yards. Electric mowers require less maintenance compared to the petrol mowers and are always much lighter.  If you’re wondering which is best for you consider this video from fully charged:

The cost of the mower
You can opt for a bigger mower if you’ve got enough cash or for a medium or small mower if you wish to be more economical. Also, the maintenance cost still counts for a lot as you have to take care of your mower by getting it serviced and the price of its spare parts.
Weight of the mower
Mowers come in different varieties, size and shapes thus their weight differ. You can try moving mowers around in the shop – if you find out that the mower is heavy to maneuver then choose a lighter model. Lighter mowers are best for small areas and irregular shaped gardens as they help you easily change direction.
Size of the blade.
Essentially the cutting blade matches the size of the mower, large blades come with large mowers whereas small blades come with small mowers. Large blades will enable you do your work quickly on a large yard or garden while small blades will be sufficient on a small garden and again they will be easier to navigate around irregular shapes.
Storage space
When you are not using your mower, you will need to store it in a safe place out of the weather. Large mowers will need more area to store thus you require a large store to store them. Small mowers require less space to store thus less storage area will do.
Mulcher vs catcher mowing
Some mowers cut down the lawn cut to smaller pieces which helps to decompose those remains easily. Other mowers store the cut lawn for you remove and dispose of. While you are not supposed to mow wet grass, some mulching mowers tend to clog and stall with slightly wet grass.

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