Bedroom Lighting Tips and Tricks

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Our bedroom is much more than just a room. It is a place where we begin and end our day, and a place where we spend those precious few minutes of rest during the nap time each day. For these reasons, and many more, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to think of our bedroom as some sort of our private little sanctuary. This is why it is more than vital that its design is pleasing enough. In order to make it so, here are few simple bedroom lighting tips you might just find useful.

Think About the Blinds

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to the first rays of the sun. However, if this happens on your day off, it might become somewhat of an issue. Natural light is important, which is why you need large windows in your room, but it is also vital that you can control its influx in the room. Of course, natural light is not the only reason to use them since a strong street-light can be just as inconvenient. Because of this, you should install quality blinds. Your choice will be quite great, but mostly, you will have to choose between wood and vinyl.

Add a Lamp

Sure, the choice of your main bedroom light is important, but there is one more thing to worry about. A lot of people enjoy nothing more than reading just before the bedtime and having a lamp next to your bed can be quite practical. Imagine getting really sleepy while holding your book and then having to get up just to turn the lights off. To avoid this, install a lamp on the wall right next to your bed or even better, place it on the nightstand. The number of different bedside lamp designs to choose from is quite great.

Add to the Romance

Of course, the bedroom is not the only place where you get your overdue rest. It is also supposed to be the most romantic place in your home. Now, if we know something about such a setting, it is that it mostly revolves around two things. Pleasant music and dim lights. Of course, there are some light bulbs that are naturally dimmer than others, but you shouldn’t stop there with so many other options at your disposal. Everyone knows that there is nothing more romantic than scented candles, so this is one of the things you can always turn to. Still, if you are not interested in simple or quick solutions, there is always an option of you making some DIY light lamps or lanterns to fit this purpose.

Mind the Size of the Room

One last thing, you always need to take the size of the room into consideration. Sure, in an enormous vintage bedroom with a canopy bed, a massive chandelier is a must. However, if you are going more for a contemporary look, or don’t have much space at your disposal, a discrete yet powerful LED downlights might be your best option. This way, you will both save some money and make your bedroom seem more elegant.

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right bedroom lighting system. Natural light, nighttime reading and dimming the light for romance are just some of the things you should definitely consider before making a final choice. Even though, at times, all of this may seem as too much work, most people find that the end result is usually more than worth it. Just remember one thing – the way you handle this might just reflect everything from your rest to your love life. No pressure!




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