Choosing Colour Guide For A Modern Office

All of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy in deciding what colours to paint on our living room walls, bedroom walls, playroom walls, and so forth. But, only a minority of us, sit down to contemplate the right colours for our office walls. Mind you, we do spend a lot of our time in our offices than we do at home, unless if we choose to work from home. Hence, choosing the right kind of colours for our office becomes imperative.

Unarguably, colours do play a pivotal role in creating the right kind of energies in the environment.  This, in return, also help to increase our productivity and revenue.

In this article, we have jotted down a few tips from designers and psychologists to help you choose the right kind of colours for your office walls.

  1. How ‘big’ or ‘small’ is your office?

The size of your working space does help in defining what colours should be opted for painting the walls and ceilings. Ideally, if your workspace is large in size, then go for darker colours as they can make the room look more cozy and dense. On the other hand, if your office room is small, then choose lighter shades such as beige or white as this can help to create an illusion of larger rooms.

  1. Choose appropriate shades

Another vital aspect that should be considered while painting your office room is colour saturation. In simple words, focus on the shade of the colour as it has an impact on performance and behaviour of workers.

Choosing Right Colours For Office Space

Depending on the nature of your business and what you wish to convey to your employees, colours can help.

  • Yellow

Colour psychologists recommend using yellow colour as an ideal paint colour as it stimulates spirits. Yellow is considered to be an optimistic colour and ideal for designers and creative folks.

  • Green

Green colour is known to create balance and calm in the environment. Moreover, it also helps to reduce anxiety and eye strains. Financial institutions or organizations where money is going to change hands frequently, for example, can opt for green colour. You can have a green room for brainstorming activities.

  • Red

Red colour helps to boost brain activities and heart rates. This colour is perfect for gyms and other places where a social or talkative environment is expected. Red also stimulates appetite, which means you can have this colour in your office canteen.

  • Blue

Blue colour is appropriate for those working spaces where there is a lot of mind work happening. It’s a colour that promotes a sense of calm, trust, and efficiency.

Accounts department, for instance, can have blue walls.

Other Vital Points To Consider!

  • There are no right or wrong colours. It is all about how you use them.
  • Colours have an impact on the mind and body. Decide what part you want to create an impact.
  • Try not to use colours in isolation. Mix and match.

Author Bio:

Amanda is a working woman, What started out as a hobby became her passion, Interior designing became her full time job. Her career as a Designer is going all well, At present she is working with Such And Such. She has been very keen on helping people out and plan out their dream home, Her motto is “No Dream Is Too Big, No Dreamer Too Small”.




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