Difference Between Industrial and Commercial Electrician

When we talk about electricians, we generally know that they are professionals who install and repair electrical equipment’s. However, electricians can be broadly classified into commercial and industrial electricians. Industrial electricians are trained and focus on installation, repair and replacement. They work mostly in an industrial set up including factories, industries and plants.  
On the other hand, a commercial electrician works in public places like restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres and the like. There are significant points of difference between a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician. Here we will list the factors that help categories electricians:

Factors that help differentiate between the types of electrician

  • Work environment: An industrial electrician mostly works in huge manufacturing units and for large industrial projects. A commercial electrician, on the other hand, is not restricted to a particular area, but moves from place to place, depending on the availability of work. From shopping malls, to schools and restaurants, a commercial electrician provides its services everywhere.
  • Specialisation: An industrial electrician is required to have proper knowledge and technical expertise to handle high-end installations and communication systems. He needs to be skilled to be able to work in an industrial setup. A Commercial electrician on the other hand, possesses basic knowledge as he mostly deals with electrical faults in public places. A mishap can be dangerous for the entire public. As a result, he uses safety gears to prevent any untoward incident.
  • Concerned projects: An industrial electrician is mostly approached when the project includes construction, manufacturing, factory, plant layout and the alike. On the other hand, commercial projects like construction of a new building, installation of communication systems in commercial places 6ften req45re the services of a commercial electrician.
  • Educational qualification: As the industrial electricians need to work on a daily basis, monitoring the electrical systems, they require high level of expertise in the field. Most of the industrial electricians hold degrees in the particular field of work. Several industrial electricians, after having completed their education, also opt for apprenticeship programs. A commercial electrician, on the other hand is not qualified enough in a particular area of work, however, he is well equipped to handle relatively smaller electrical glitches and d. It may be noted, however, the level of expertise that an industrial electrician requires, an industrial electrician does not require.
  • Job specification: An industrial electrician is employed in an industry or factory as a permanent employee who takes charge of the entire electrical set up. From installation, repair, maintenance and monitoring of the electrical systems, he is responsible for everything. Commercial electricians, on the other hand, are not confined to one place. They work as per availability and requirement.

In times of emergencies in a public place, it is best to approach a commercial electrician. Spotting sparks at poles and terminals in   public places is not very uncommon. If you are in such a situation, do not hit the panic button, rather call a commercial electrician and ask the public to vacate the area. They are available at all hours and are equipped to handle security systems in public places. For best results, however, you can approach authorised electricians who work on behalf of the government and fix issues related to electrical systems in public places.  The sole purpose of an electrician, whether he is a commercial or an industrial, is to ensure that they are able to provide uninterrupted services and immediate relief especially in an emergency situation may it be a fire or a flood. Make sure you choose the best pick as per your requirement.

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