Perfection in decorating a home does not always lie in symmetry

It has been few years that Bangalore has become the most wanted place for real estate developers. Off late, with the population of the city expanding and the old residential areas getting cluttered, people are moving to places like Kannamangala and Whitefield which despite being major part of the city are a bit away from the hustle and bustle. This is also one of the reasons why a number of villa and apartment projects have come up in these areas in the past few years. However, one of the major constraints of buying a house from a developer is that we have compromised on the designs and various other infrastructure facilities. The already built in facilities may not help us to maintain the symmetry during decorating the house and we sometimes have to struggle a lot to get things adjusted. Sometimes in order to maintain the symmetry and balance we are forced to keep things at places they do not fit in, and in turn cause unnecessary mess.

Giving a second thought to the same age old practice of maintaining the balance among things in a house, why don’t we break the stereotypes and make asymmetry look good. Sometimes the imbalance or asymmetry already exists and it’s just that you need to enhance it a bit. And sometimes there is no harm in decorating your home purposefully in an asymmetrical manner because it also has an inbuilt balance in it. Probably, an informal balance.

Asymmetrical balance doesn’t mean that things are just thrown over here and there because it is difficult not to keep things in order, yet make it look mess free. The mantra is to stick to a centre point or focal point in this case as well. After fixing the centre point it is the asymmetrical furniture, artwork and other decorations that strike a balance. The rule is to find the informal balance by combining the items also. For instance, an oversized case is used in one corner of the room, in a symmetrical arrangement a sofa that matches the mass of the vase is placed on the opposite side. However, those who love asymmetry they would like to complement the vase by placing a sofa with a medium mass and another art piece completely different in size and colour that does not fit there yet will look different and classy every time one sees it. This itself is one of the biggest advantages of asymmetry that things are unpredictable and therefore you won’t get bored of seeing same structure of designing. The feeling of order in an asymmetrically balanced room is more subconscious than conscious. Mainly, because there are no mirror images and one needs to feel the balance.

One of the other advantages of going for an asymmetrical style is that repetition can be avoided. This provides your space a fresh look each time one visits the house. If you are not particular about the so called sophisticated look and like to keep things in an organised chaos then asymmetry is the best option available because it gives a lot of opportunities while designing. For example, you can even provide a traditional item and a modern piece together in a room designed in a contemporary look. This might sound a bit unconventional or inappropriate but will look completely out of the world once you see the entire room at one go. Therefore, it is completely up to the people living in a house to decide whether they want their house to look organised and boring or organised yet funky and unique. There are many villas in Kannamangala Bangalore and being sold off as hot cakes.


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