The Top Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur The Most

Car accidents are frequent in the United States and other parts of the world. It can range from minor to significant impacts, and these are both caused by human error. Furthermore, it can lead to damage to private and public property, plus injury or death of a loved one.
Government and non-governmental organizations are endlessly campaigning about safe driving since many are at risk whenever you get your car on the road. Today, stricter laws are passed and enforced in America to compel each driver to follow precautionary measures.
But no matter how careful you are in driving, you cannot assure that other drivers will do the same thing. Sometimes, you will be involved in car accidents which are due to the negligence of other drivers and affect your daily living.

In this article, we will discuss the top reasons why car accidents occur the most on the road and learn tips on how to prevent it from happening on you.

1.      Failure To Keep A Proper Attention

Studies have found out that when drivers fail to keep proper attention, they are at risk of having fatal accidents. Some of these are the following:

  • A loud stereo volume which can distract drivers.
  • Not paying attention to the road and talking to other passengers.
  • The use of mobile phones while driving (texting, calling, or taking pictures).

Avoid these possible distractions while you drive so you can maintain focus on the road. Inattentive driving is dangerous so do other tasks as soon as you arrive at your destination and not while you’re driving.

2.      Faulty Road Designs

Roads can sometimes have flaws, which can lead to fatalities. Here are some situations where road designs lead to accidents:

  • Defective guardrails and potholes are present, which can result in tragedies.
  • Lack of road shoulder space, which can put drivers and passengers at risk.
  • Poor street lights, which can reduce visibility for the drivers.

3.      Intoxication

One of the reasons why accidents happen is due to drinking of alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of illegal drugs. Here are some of the things that could happen to your body when you’re intoxicated:

  • Blurred vision-When you’re drunk, you can’t see the road signs and other cars.
  • Decrease reaction time and limited body movements-You can have difficulty in manipulating the steering wheel, gears, and the brakes.
  • Nauseous-You’ll feel nauseous, and your head is throbbing with pain.
  • Sleepiness- Drunk drivers are sleepy and tend to shut their eyes for few seconds when driving.
  • Slurred Speech-Communication becomes limited and speaking with officers when caught drunk driving could be challenging.

Thus, when you are drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs, it is better to sleep instead of driving your car. If you still wish to travel even if you had a few drinks, you can ask someone to give you a ride so you can safely arrive at your destination.

4.      Negligence To Give Way

Reports by governmental bodies show that the failure to give way can result in fatalities. Anyone can avoid it if only the drivers are courteous and patient.

Here are some points to remember:

  • Those in the right lane are a priority to the right in traffic.
  • If you are at an intersection without any traffic lights, give way to vehicles that arrived first to the intersection.
  • Regardless of who has the right, take extra care when you are driving near pedestrians.

5.      Speeding

Speeding is driving with excessive speed on the road. When you get in the car with high speed, you can reduce the ability to respond to the changing dynamics on the road.
For example, a road may look clear for miles but all of a sudden you can see someone crossing the street, and you cannot stop in time because you are speeding.
To avoid accidents, what you can do is always to follow the speed limit imposed by the authorities.

6.      Weather Conditions

Another potential factor of car accidents is the weather condition. The poor weather on a specific location can cause the following incidence:

  • Limited or zero visibility which makes it difficult to see the signs on the road plus other passing cars
  • Slippery roadway, especially when it’s snowing or raining hard.

Thus, it is recommended to drive slowly on the road when the weather is not good. Be alert at all times and avoid any form of distractions.
Thus, as a licensed driver, you must know the rules and regulations of road safety. To prevent accidents from happening, drive safely and have some patience when you are on the road. If you encounter accidents with other vehicles such as motorcycles, perhaps consulting a lawyer on motorcycle accidents such as ones here might be able to help.
If you have issues with car accidents and legal liabilities, you can ask for legal advice from a competent lawyer of your choice. Legal counsels can help you with the court proceedings, claim for damages, and negotiate with the other party regarding hospitalization or auto-repairs.
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Lea Taylor is a law writer who spends much of her time writing pieces on law topics for the common reader. Lea is the resident comedian of the office, often cracking jokes to lighten the mood. She always has a delightful story to make everyone smile.

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