SEO is Not Dead! Why SEO important for your website?

I often hear people saying SEO is dead. In fact, I have been hearing this axiom since SEO emerged in the search business but the fact remains the same, it is not dead and not going to die so soon. I am sure you must have heard people yelling time and again that SEO is dead and thus you need to try something beyond that. Even if you Google this phrase you would get every other result suggesting that SEO is not Dead despite being claimed to have died down. This is because every year one can bring many new developments to the SEO industry, which makes me skeptic that SEO is not going to die so soon. It’s been three decades since we have seen the Internet has moved around and since then SEO tactics have been in place and them yet to be changed. The fact is as long as search engines stay, rankings would count and SEO would be an important tool for it.

SEO is Mandatory for machines even with the rise of IoT

We live in the age of the Internet of Things, which has a strong say in things like smartwatches, automated cars, and light bulbs, which are hooked to the web. One may argue that with the passage of time when everything else would be connected with machine, SEO may not be required to run the web. However, the fact is, SEO would be still needed and would remain vital to optimize for M2M communication in the Internet of Things. Though anyone would scan a page for finding out the most vital results for their requirements, machines are simply forced to find out the contextual clues to find out the intention of the writer and reader. This makes it similar to any dating site. So, SEO is not dead, still alive and kicking.

Currently, we have seen more than 23 billion devices connected to the internet and by the end of 2020, the number is likely to double reaching 50.1 billion. Hence it would be fair to say that the internet-based searches carried out by people are not simply running away. We will be using them from our cars, watches and other connected machines, which are also seen carrying out their own searches. With passing time, traffic is boosting up and it creates a bigger need for getting intuitive content. So, even in the IoT world, we find SEO mandatory and there are experts who have given the ways to prepare it.

SEO is Required for Everyone

Today, we search for everything on the web and search engines are going to stay for long, and now we are shifting toward the voice searches. With the voice searches, more words are spoken, which makes the long tail keywords as a vital thing, while writing a conversational tone is required to sound like a human being when the voice is converted into speech. As experts claim that with the conversational search one can only find the top results. Rather focusing and settling for the first page, the search assistants including Cortana, Google Now and Siri offer their best for the result you are searching for. This makes SEO not just important and competitive. With the added amount of searches being carried out and fewer results are being shown, most of the websites are taking a shift to the strategies. As I said, the search will continue to be vital as people would keep on searching for things on the internet. There can be some changes in the type of searches made for the kind of content, but the fact remains intact – search will continue to take place. Remember the real users would often remain the end audience for the web-based content. While the users would be searching for the content in different ways like voice and text. In other words, search engine optimization is here to stay for a long time.

Modern SEO forms like Schema, AMP, and other ways beat PPC

The modern methods like Schema markup are often implemented in Google and other search engines as the method to offer more valuable and visual content for the searches. If you are searching for any favorite song, for instance, you are presented with release dates, lyrics, artist bios, concert schedules and many more. Schema can be called as the sight of Google’s future and most ambitious venture, which one has to implement in the day to day SEO strategies. The structured data signals the search bots of Schema for understanding the context of the content along with making it rising the visibility of the search results. The Schema also has the AMP Optimized pages that remain mobile optimized and the barebones pages that quickly load over the mobile devices. So, even if you are going modern, the chances of SEO dying down is minimal.

SEO in virtual reality

We cannot talk about emerging technologies without talking about how augmented and virtual reality would change the search engine results. It is also vital to understand that VR offers the entire new UX and UI setups, however, the fundamentals of search would remain unchanged. Hence I keep on saying that content would always be the king and optimizing your web pages with stuff like visuals and simply digestible content would draw more traffic. The newer technologies further open up the door for many creative and interesting marketing platforms. For instance, the Pokemon Go is known to come along with five million daily active users. Similarly, getting engaged to AR and VR also help in boosting up the visibility for the crowd. This helps in positioning the early adopter of what can be widespread technology. As per reports, AR and VR together remain a 41 billion industry, which cannot be neglected.

Wrapping Up

Technology is often seen as changing and evolving. Today, we could see smartphones and other mobile devices taking over desktops and laptops. Some people feel that the advent of newer technologies would lead to the death of SEO then think about it. However, the fact is just the opposite as we know Search Engine Optimization is alive and kicking. For more on SEO and Guest Posting Services, you can avail the services at or email contact at, now.

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