An Insight into the Changing Dynamics of Marketing

The domain of business marketing is driven by an increasing influx of competition and changing tides of trends. With new mediums and advanced technology, marketers are constantly striving to keep themselves abreast of the emerging trends and stay ahead in the market competition.

While future predictions often don’t turn out as expected, particularly due to fluctuating trends, here are some key factors that are likely to play a crucial part in the future of marketing.

  • Marketing Will Go Mobile!

Mobile devices have become the primary medium of browsing for internet users. Smartphones, tablets and smart wearable devices have made it convenient for the customers to communicate and stay connected on the go.

Keeping in mind the increasing inclination of customers towards mobile and smart devices, marketers are paying special attention to design digital campaigns that are compatible with mobile browsing. Businesses are seeking to create a more personalised interaction with their customers through mobile devices and smart apps.

  • Content will Rule as the king

Content will retain its significance for marketing campaigns. However, it will become more rich, enhanced and refined. Similarly, the frequency of creating and floating the content will play a major part in accelerating the pace of competition among competitors.

Since visual content, infused with rich graphical elements possess a higher potential for retention and recall, marketers will go the extra mile to be a trendsetter with a unique and compelling content strategy. User-generated content and content co-creation will also play a key role in digital marketing strategies.

  • Analytics will Play a Key Part in Campaigns

Businesses will seek to establish more accurate performance to assess the efficacy of their marketing campaigns. Simple analytics such as social media likes or reshares are likely to become less significant elements for marketing analysis.

The evolution of advanced data mining tools will accumulate more elaborate and in-depth insights, related to customer’s perception, inclinations, and response, in the form of statistical data. This data will be used by the marketers, as a foundation to structure their marketing strategy.

  • Automation will Rise!

As more communication channels emerge on the cyber sphere, marketers will try to cumulate all marketing mediums and create a holistic marketing and communication strategy to target their audience.

Marketing automation makes it convenient for the businesses to communicate their message from a variety of channels to optimise exposure in consumer segments and foster an accelerated conversion. With more than 71% organisations using the strategy, marketing automation will become an essential skill for marketing and sales grad jobs in the near future.

  • Marketing Strategies Will Become Personalised

Intrusive and push marketing campaigns will become outdated. Businesses will seek to establish a promising and lasting relationship with their customers through data-driven and personalised marketing campaigns. Customer relationship will become a defining criterion for business performance.

A brand that will successfully foster a personalised and interactive relationship with its customers will bag a higher market share than the brand that only adheres to enforcing the message on the audience.

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